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Hello all,


I have been for some time now trying to get direct access to the share via 9p mode without success. Reason being is that I would like to move docker management from unraid to VMs using protainer. 


The VMs that I am using are base on RH without a GUI. When using different methods that I have found to mount the share I would receive errors such as, need to use method to mount and or the OS would boot into emergency mode due to the share not mounting. I have spent a few days reading and searching but without making much progress... The one method that I found could work is to create a brand new NFS share for a single docker to get it to work... but that is a poor solution IMO... Please advise...



Yes I know it's currently commented out... but that's the only way I could get the VM to boot



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I have the exact same problem! Running debian 12 vm for Docker but unable to mount and/or access the 9p-connected shares from the debian-guest. 

It's sole purpose is to serve as a single solution consisting of a few different dockers. And i would like to not connect to my shares via smb/nfs.


PS: Do i need to do anything additional to my plain debian-installed vm in regards to guest-tools? Like on win you need to install the guest-tools.exe, but i believe linux already comes with all this built-in?

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