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ssd as downloaddisk


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Here's something important to note...if I recall correctly, ReiserFS doesn't support background TRIM.  (Reiser4 & ext4 do BTW)  It may support offline TRIM, which is less dependent on the file system.


Here's an article that I used to get TRIM working under Ubuntu.  Essentially you have to edit your fstab file and enable "discard"...which equals TRIM in the Linux world.  I have no advice on how to do this unRAID....and whether this should be used with caution is up to you to figure out.  Personally, I don't think the performance benefits are worth it...but that's me.






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Personally, I run an SSD for my cache drive.

If you are doing lots of read and writes at once, it really helps.

I am getting 99% of my gigabit speed write to my unRAID (cache).

I can copy files from multiple sources at once (I tend to) without as much overhead issue.

I can still get 100% performance  while doing file copies while the mover is running, that would normally bring a cache drive to  a crawl.


The kingston SSD Now V+ series will auto trim and garbage collection even without OS support for it. It firmware controlled self optimization.

I am not sure if the hyperx does this.


I also did not run out and buy and SSD for unraid. but since i had one collecting dust, i'll go ahead and toss it in my unRAID box and it increased my performance.

Personally, I feel that by the time i burn out my SSD, it will be obsolete to me. Running a high end gaming machine on an SSD will probably put as much if not more  stress on an SSD.


I void warranties for a living... :)


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I really don't need a cache drive. I almost never copy files to the server from my workstation, most of the content comes from the interwebs.  ::)

And when using 5GB RAM, a swap drive is kind of redundant. I guess using it as an App- and Downloaddrive is the smartest choice here.

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