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S3 & Sleep Proxy Servers / Bonjour

Chris Pollard

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So I'm building a second server with the intention of sleeping my big server when I'm not using it via S3.


Has anyone had any joy getting a sleep proxy to wake unRAID from S3?  I could mess about with apps to send magic packets but it would be better if I could make everything wake up automatically like my macs do (using Bonjour & my Airport Extreme).


Since I'm still intending on having one unRAID server up and running all the time I might be able to write some primitive script to do the whole thing,  something like checking if the HTPC is up, and then checking unRAID, and sending a magic packet where appropriate.  I have a feeling that wont work well, and I'm not keen on re-inventing the wheel if I don't have to ;)


TIA for any pointers or experiences anyone else has had with this sort of thing :)

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