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Cannot write to array


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Hi guys


I'm using Unraid for a couple of years. Since two weeks I've serious trouble to write to the array (version 4.7, same behaviour with 4.5.6) ....  ???

Files of about 1 GB sometimes start to copy (after a long time for "calculating space") most of the time they won't even start. "Cannot connect to disk 2" network error.

Larger files can't be copied. Some behaviour for win7 an XP machines, same behaviour for all the disks (8 data disks).

I did a memtest for 24 hours (no errors), I did two parity checks (no errors) and streaming from the array works perfectly.


Two weeks ago I had the red ball issue like  http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=16137.0 with a two months old WD-Disk.

I did a smart test (OK), I reassigned the disk and rebuilt it, after that two parity checks showed no errors.


I don't know where to start, syslog is attached.

Your help is appreciated! Thank you.


Sincerely, Ulan


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Short Update:


I tried a different switch for the network: Same problems


The disk I want to write to, gets a lot of "reads" and no writes.

Same behaviour for all the data disks...

The network error is 0x8007003B....


Any suggestions?



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Tough one - that is a generic error. Almost positive it is "not" your unraid server, but networking overall. You mentioned replacing a switch. DId you also try a new router? Also, replace your cables - they can go bad at times. Can you copy files between other PC's on the network or just issues with sending to unRaid?



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