ZFS in Unraid 7.x wait or go ahead with 6.x for a media server + *arr apps

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2 hours ago, dopeytree said:

a normal z1 or z2 (parity) should provide the ability to heal.

Up to the level of pool redundancy. Beyond that, everything is lost. In the traditional Unraid array each drive is still readable, so even if you've lost all but one disk, whatever is on that one disk is still readable.

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Looking at the activation code notes at purchase: 


Note: Activation Codes are one-time use only to generate the license keyfile for your server

Does this mean if I wipe and reinstall Unraid, I'll need a new key for the same server? I want to test configurations for HW and apps and make sure things are setup correctly. I was intending to document as I performed the setup, and then wipe and reinstall with lessons learned (because there always are) for the final install. Should I setup and use a 30-day trial?

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1 hour ago, Bladedude said:

Does this mean if I wipe and reinstall Unraid, I'll need a new key for the same server?


As long as you put back the licence .key file that is in the 'config' folder on the flash drive your licence will remain in place as it is tied to the GUID of the flash drive.  The hardware is irrelevant - as an example if you move the flash drive to different hardware the licence travels with the flash drive.

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