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Sorry if this is a bit of a special needs question.


Can I run sata and IDE drives together at the same time with unraid? I found a couple of IDE drives I dindn't know I had and with the price of drives rising I thought I would use them for music storage. I don't know if it makes a difference but I am running an asus m4a78lt-m mother board which has both sata and an IDE port.






Mod Note: Corrected a type in the title to read 'SATA and IDE'

- Raj

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It will work.


parity ST32000641AS_9WM0VD66 * 21807850 643949     

disk1 WD-WCASY1281790 * 7820625 118277  640.12G 572.54G 90% 67.57G

disk2 WD-WCASY3105600 * 6772225 245778  500.09G 426.92G 86% 73.17G

disk4 MAXTOR_4K040H2_572129517188 * 1221896 7  40.04G 33.63M 1% 40.00G

disk5 /dev/hda DIAMOND_080G_8F7200_100300006


The last 2 disks 4/5 I have set for thier own 'share" and are used just for open transfers instead of using a usb drive. Since they are slower then the rest of the drives they are not uses with the movies or music shares I have set up

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I have happily mixed IDE drives with SATA in an unRAID set up.  For most day to day purposes they are perfectly fast enough.  Of course, they are slower than SATA, but if the server is only reading a single file at one time from the drive even an IDE drive can keep a gigabit LAN quite busy.

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