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Device is disabled, contents emulated...Afraid to touch anything

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Just happened to look at server and noticed disk 4 "device is disabled, contents emulated". Before I did anything I downloaded diagnostics before I reboot, shutdown, etc. It is currently running as we speak. 


This is the youngest of my drives (almost 2 years old). Others are 5-9 years old. I haven't touched unraid in weeks, didn't physically move computer case unraid is in, nobody bumped into it, etc. 


What does it mean, and what to do?


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So delayed thread, but still an issue. Just had ALL sata cables replaced and new (more wattage compared to old) power supply. PC tech did see fluctuations on old power supply but not enough to “need” a new one but I opted to do it anyway just to eliminate those as a cause. 

So same thing, array is stopped, I can see the correct hard drive serial number in drop down, and disk 4 has red “X” that says when hovering over red x “device disabled, contents emulated”. Does this mean “mounted” like you said previously? Can I start array? I'm too afraid to do anything so I don't lose data (again).

what do I do now? (Edit: added diagnostics file)


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Included diagnostics file
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Ok, wasn't sure if starting array was safe with red "X" or not as I didn't want to get a parity check to run and possibly start messing up data on disk 4. So just started array, same thing "Device disabled, contents emulated".


I don't fully understand what you mean when you say "mounting". I can see disk 4 in UNRAID GUI either when array is started or stopped. When array is stopped (via unraid GUI) I then go to folder and can't see any of my movies/TV shows in folder structures they are normally in (Movies/Kids/TV/etc). It says "folder is empty" at the top network level of "Tower". When array is started I CAN see Movies/Kids/TV/etc in their folder structures below that top level "Tower" folder. Does "mounted" = I can see all my movies/kids/tv data? If that is true then I would say disk is disabled (as it says in GUI with red "X") but mounted (if I understand defintion of mounted is).


I still error on side of caution and wait for futher instructions before I do anything. Thank you for helping a noob!



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