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Disk died overnight?

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My unraid setup seems to have died overnight. Last evening all was good, and this morning I checked and it was showing one disk with errors.
I managed to download diagnostics but the system was not responding to any other action.
I reseted the pc, after that drive that was errored appears as unassigned.


I can see that there are errors on the disks log.

I don't really know what to do with this. Can anyone tell me how should I proceed?

I'll be grateful for any help.


Edit: I started the array with the missing disk beeing emulated. Looks like I lost all of the docker apps.

Edit2: it looks like I lost some of the data...

tower-diagnostics-20240406-1023.zip Apr 6 103545 Tower kernel ata7.00 .txt

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Swapping the cable with a different disk was allowing me to add the disk back to the array. 
I did not do that, but I thought I mention it as it was not possible before the cable swap.

I removed the `-n` and did the filesystem check on the emulated disk.


I'm attaching diagnostics after performing the check. Both with the array in maintenance mode and in normal mode.
I'm also attaching the full log of the filesystem check.

Edit: the file system check seemed to brought back a lot of (if not all of) previously missing data! That is awesome!


Edit2: adding smart test results of the drive.
When trying to watch a movie on plex it was lagging a lot.

tower-diagnostics-20240406-1528-maintenace.zip fileSystemCheckLog.txt tower-diagnostics-20240406-1530.zip


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There is one more issue.

Since I lost all of the apps, I reinstalled them from `previous apps`, and it looks like I'm having permission issues on `binhex-qbittorrentvpn` app. 

It has read permissions but it cannot write.

From logs:


File error alert. Torrent... error: Permission denied

When it tries to download anything, it immidietly errors out.


How can I fix this?

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