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2 HDD died at the same time, but different.. how would you proceed?

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I created a new cluster ~6 months ago and it seems both hdds just died at the same time.
There was no power outages, heat or anything. Unraid uptime was ~140days. And then death -_-

The last thing I saw in unraid was "DEVICE IS DISABLED, CONTENTS EMULATED". I tried to reboot, but both of my data HDDs were not found in the dropdown. They also started to make weird/crazy sounds inside the bay after the reboot..

Setup is:

2x Seagate Ironwolf 4 TB

1x older ssd as cache

StarTech.com 4-fach 3,5 Zoll SATA HDDs Aluminium Wechselrahmen/Backplane, 4 Bay



I have an USB-adapter to plug drives via USB into my computer (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0919SF9CP) and the drives behave different:


drive a) does not show up in CrystalDiskInfo at all, makes chirping sounds every ~10 secs


drive b) does show up in CrystalDiskInfo and is "quiet". SMART says good, but values look off? Why is Power On 0?!
I tried to back this drive up as an image via "AOMEI Backupper", but the drive does not show up..





drive SSD) Is detected and showing up in both Unraid/CrystalDiskInfo, but not AOMEI Backupper. So I guess the bay/usb-adapter are working,  but the tool has trouble with format?!




So.. How would you proceed?
Is it feasable to try a backup to Image of drive b if I install Linux or something? Which tool would you recommend?


I thought it was weird that the HDDs were always running inside the bay. Should I opt for a different bay? Maybe SSDs instead of HDDs? Is the same model as HDD twice a beginnermistake? 😕


Thanks for any help

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