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Plex Media Server - hardware req.?

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Just build my first unraid box.

P4@2,4GHz with 512MB RAM. Just a single disc for now, and with 100MBit cabled network from box to Apple TV2

I can just stream 700 mb .avi files, like a tv-show.

Everything else seems to be to big, and I eventually get an error on my ATV that there was an error...


Is my hardware to slow/weak for this?

Ordered 2x1 GB RAM from Ebay now, and a 3,06 CPU, since it cost almost nothing :) Hope that would solve my problem. Will update when it is tested, but happy for feedback from other server-owners who use Plex.


EDIT: Now running with 1 gig RAM, after a friend found a mem-module I could try. But no improvement what so ever :(

Is the CPU also the reason for not streaming? Or is it the 100 MBit connection?

Thank you for any good advice :)


EDIT2: Trown out the old PATA disk, and replaced with an SATA controller and DISK, but still, not able to stream 720P/HD video to my ATV2.

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My first guess would be the issue is due to the fact that the Plex server most likely needs to transcode the video so that it is playable via the AppleTV. If that is the case your processor may not be up to the task. Without more info its hard to say though. What is the error message you are getting? have you tried streaming to anything else? Like the iOS or Android client, or a PC?


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No other error than the atv "There is an error"

Works fine when I stream to my IPhone. And then I can send it to the atv using air view :)

But not a usable solution, since everything stops if someone call me :)

I read the same about transcoding, so next step is to try a 8 core AMD CPU. Hope that will do the trick :)

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Yes, but I skipped the idea of getting plex run on my old hw, so installed xbmc. Working perfect to several tvs at the same time, and even copy large amount of data at the same time. Never lagged once :)

I figured why buy expensive hw, just to get plex run. Not worth it. I guess when I tweak the xbmc with skins and plugins it will be just as wife approved as plex :)

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I have 2 atvs, 2 iPhones, iPad and a mac mini as my htpc hooked up to my tv which has plex installed on it.  I can watch something different on each one with no problem. All my media is on unraid so it must be something with your setup.

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