SuperMicro X10SL7-F - Onboard LSI

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Neither did the v2. Or the v1 for that matter.



On the subject on the board, I'm not a big fan of this X10 series. I prefer the four 8x (though two run at 4x) slots on the X9SCM series. The X10 equivalent, the X10SLM, has a 16x slot running at 8x, a 8x at 8x and an 8x at 4x. Why did it lose a slot? That model doesn't have the LSI controller so why is it losing an additional 4x lane the X9SCM had.


As for the X10SL7 you posted, this being a server motherboard, why does the LSI controller use standard SATA ports instead of SAS connectors? I'd have to buy reverse breakout cables to use this with the SAS backplanes in my server case.


I guess we can wait and see what Tyan comes up with but the Haswell compatible line of server motherboards for Supermicro has been a big disappointment as far as I'm concerned. Not that I was planning on upgrading since I've got an X9SCM-F and E3-1230 v2, but I was thinking about upgrading next year when Broadwell chips are released, but Supermicro will likely keep the same line of boards like they did for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge. Guess I'll have to wait for Skylake in 2015.

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About the GFX I thought they would stop making the E3 without GFX hence the comment. I agree with you the loss of the 4x connectors is baffling, however, if you have a case that will fill up all the PCI slots with expansion cards it means you have a lot of drives which then means you'll just buy a full ATX board rather than this one. This will work nicely in a case that fits 8-10 drives!

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I'm about to buy this, will report back.


I'll be trying XenServer on it!


It'd also be interesting if you'd try booting ESXi just to confirm whether or not it works  :)


As near as I can tell from a quick review of Intel's site, all the E3 v3's "check all the boxes" for full virtualization support [VT-x, VT-d, EPT, etc.] so I suspect ESXi is no problem.


What would REALLY be nice to know is whether the LSI controller can be passed through to an ESXi VM


What CPU are you planning to get?  [i'd use the E3-1245v3 ]


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@garycase i wouldn't get a 12x5 CPU because the motherboard already has GPU on it.


Unfortunately as my SM AOC-SASLP-MV8 died last night, i needed things in a hurry so i just went for the 1230v3.


Will try out both XenServer and ESXi and let you guys know. I like the onboard USB slot!

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I'm using ram from CRUCIAL as they surprisingly offered the best price:


I've booted in bare metal in unRAID, detected all drives straight out of the box.


Moved to ESXi 5.5, passed the LSI controller through (not the onboard one though, saving those for ESXi related storage) and i added on a another supermicro AOC card, all good so far.


The internal USB slot is useful for just keeping ESXi boot stick on there too.

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Moved to ESXi 5.5, passed the LSI controller through (not the onboard one though, saving those for ESXi related storage) and i added on a another supermicro AOC card, all good so far.


Not sure what you mean here -- did you add another LSI card and pass it through to your VM?    ... or did you pass the onboard LSI controller through, and when you say "not the onboard one" are you referring to the chipset controller ports?



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I see my choice of words was a little poor there :P


Yes, i passthru the onboard LSI but not the onboard C222 chipset ports. I also attached a AOC-SASLP-MV8 and passed through just fine (with HBA mode hack).


I had to add the drivers for the networking cards to the ESXi installation image.

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I ordered the Board  8)


What's with the IT mode, read it here in the other Thread. But why is that necessary?

unRAID cannot operate with many RAID controllers.  But by flashing it to IT mode you turn it into a dumb controller.  All raid capabilities are removed.  If you want them back then you have to flash it to IR mode.
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