Margarita 1.7 - Native macOS Monitoring App and Share Automounts

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Version 1.4 is current under review in the App Store. It includes automounting for shares, which I think is very cool considering it's a sandboxed app. There's no need for automounts or scripts anymore (something that is difficult to implement with 10.12 Sierra).


I believe I've resolved the editing server issue, which is under preview with TheMantis. This will make it to version 1.5.



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I'm working on setting this up now. The first thing I notice is that "flash" is missing from the list of shares. Is there any way I can add it? It is configured as a share on my unRaid machine and I can connect to it manually.


I'm only going to allow mounting of 'User' shares, as dealing with disk shares (like Flash, disk1, etc) will get messy. They're always available in the Finder sidebar if required, and the SMB/AFP session will have been made by Margarita making mounting the disk shares easy.

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The new auto mount feature is excellent.


For ages I've been suffering from mounts disappearing from the Finder Sidebar. If I connect directly via Go->Connect To Server it works fine. If I restart the service on UnRaid it reappears in the finder sidebar. Hopefully your auto mount will solve this.


Can are ask if you would consider allowing protocol to be specified on a mount by mount basis? I use Unraid for my Time Machine backup, which has to be over AFP. Everything else is via SMB. The AFP mount also drops, meaning Time Machine fails. Being able to choose the protocol (or a special setting for keeping the time machine mount alive) would be great.

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I don't think I'll implement that feature, mainly because 10.12 will officially support SMB for TimeMachine (and therefore should hopefully fix your issues)!


I may have another solution in the works if it's absolutely necessary though.



ah, I didn't know 10.12 supported time machine over smb. Excellent.
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If I were to integrate support for the inbuilt unRAID notifications in version 6.0, would you like it to replicate the webGUI functionality via the OS notification centre? Example, shows an alert that stays visible until you 'Archive' it. Archiving it will remove the notification from the webGUI (like you pressed the 'x' in the webGUI).



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I like that, It would give a better chance of seeing higher priority notifications. I sometimes miss the email ones coming through when I'm busy at work. I have a slight panic attack when I look back at them later and see a UPS warning came in.


Not to mention, unRaid has been so rock solid for the last few years that only the "PASS" email comes through.


I'm sure whatever you decide will work for us though. If not someone will tell you.



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Would you want only warning and above alerts (not notice)? Curren't it's set to show all alerts that you set to display in the browser.


IMO i like them all.


Docker Image Alerts come across as a notice I believe.


Even though it's overkill, I like knowing everything that's going on.


I even like being notified of app updates in case there is a problem I can remember/recall that that app updated very recently.


Strictly my opinion though.



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