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  1. Oh and I reinstalled the “docker upgrade patch” which got removed during the update.
  2. I used this guide but make a note of your dockers first because the template list had everything I’d ever tried.
  3. I also rolled back and got exactly this error with my dockers. In my case I fixed it by following the instructions to remove the dockers and re-added them to rebuild the containers. All is now working smoothly again.
  4. After upgrading to 6.12 I also started getting these issues, plus the gui becoming unavailable. Then the server crashing - first time in 9 years. Switched to ipvlan which made the server less responsive and started causing network issues. Tried moving dockers to a second network card, but issues persisted. Rolled back to 6.11.5 and all is good again. I’ll wait a while before thinking of upgrading again.
  5. This is now showing up as “not available” in my docker containers list, so can’t be updated. Is there anything I need do to fix this?
  6. Great to see a replacement for the old docker version, thanks. Weird issue though. Since the recent update if I view using safari (iPad) the interface doesn’t render. The url bar flickers continuously. Seems to work fine on other devices, and the previous version worked fine on the iPad. Any ideas?
  7. The Curl command worked! Thank you many times over.
  8. Can anyone give any advice on how to get Claim to work, following a password reset as per Plex’s instructions earlier today from the resultant data breech? Password reset. New Claim code obtained and pasted in to docker config. Restart. Navigate to local Plex and log in, but no option to Claim server.
  9. Hi Josh. I do appreciate you taking the time, however unfortunately this isn’t the issue. No matter how many times I correct my configuration and remove the unwanted folders, they come back at next restart. I know it’s basic stuff, I know it should work. It just isn’t though. Oh well. It’s working great as configured. It’s clearly nothing to do with your App or template.
  10. Both 'tv' and 'movies' have come back yet again! This time instead of deleting them I've mapped both to the same folder that I actually want. I only want 'Library' and have no idea where "Movies' and 'TV' keep coming from, no matter how many times I delete them.
  11. Hi. Both folders came back again. This time I blanked the content as you suggest followed by save and then I removed them, rather than just 'remove' from the template page. I've also check the config in /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user and they do appear to be gone, so we'll see if they stay gone. Thanks.
  12. I currently have this, which is working great. Whenever the docker updates it appears to add two further library paths - one for tv and one for movies. Neither of which I need so I just delete them. They do seem to keep coming back though. I could be missing something obvious!
  13. Earlier versions had a mapping to library within the docker template. Recent versions seem to have added a tv and movies mapping, which I need to keep deleting as they keep coming back. By default they map to places I don’t have (or want) which keeps creating them on my drive. Is this a bug or an intended feature?
  14. Great app which I’m finding really useful. I even managed to follow the video and migrate without issue. However (why is there always a however!) I’m not finding the “support future development “ at all intuitive. It just takes me to something called “patreon” but doesn’t explain what I’m supposed to do there, how I contribute or what financial options are available. Perhaps some explanation or a simple cookie jar for simpletons like me would work?