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  1. Hi Josh. I do appreciate you taking the time, however unfortunately this isn’t the issue. No matter how many times I correct my configuration and remove the unwanted folders, they come back at next restart. I know it’s basic stuff, I know it should work. It just isn’t though. Oh well. It’s working great as configured. It’s clearly nothing to do with your App or template.
  2. Both 'tv' and 'movies' have come back yet again! This time instead of deleting them I've mapped both to the same folder that I actually want. I only want 'Library' and have no idea where "Movies' and 'TV' keep coming from, no matter how many times I delete them.
  3. Hi. Both folders came back again. This time I blanked the content as you suggest followed by save and then I removed them, rather than just 'remove' from the template page. I've also check the config in /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user and they do appear to be gone, so we'll see if they stay gone. Thanks.
  4. I currently have this, which is working great. Whenever the docker updates it appears to add two further library paths - one for tv and one for movies. Neither of which I need so I just delete them. They do seem to keep coming back though. I could be missing something obvious!
  5. Earlier versions had a mapping to library within the docker template. Recent versions seem to have added a tv and movies mapping, which I need to keep deleting as they keep coming back. By default they map to places I don’t have (or want) which keeps creating them on my drive. Is this a bug or an intended feature?
  6. Great app which I’m finding really useful. I even managed to follow the video and migrate without issue. However (why is there always a however!) I’m not finding the “support future development “ at all intuitive. It just takes me to something called “patreon” but doesn’t explain what I’m supposed to do there, how I contribute or what financial options are available. Perhaps some explanation or a simple cookie jar for simpletons like me would work?
  7. A real shame. Recordings Converter was excellent and has been running without issues for months and months. I guess I’ll have to look at Unmanic again, but RC was just so simple and just worked.
  8. Hi all, I have syncthing installed and working, but do have a couple of "best practice" questions. Not specifically Linuxserver related, but definitely Unraid related! I am syncing a large photo directory between Mac and Unraid. Does anyone have any suggested (recommended) settings for: 1. Full rescan interval 2. Watch for changes I assume (2) should be on for both Mac and Unraid. I presume setting (1) to something bigger like 24 hours would be suitable for Unraid so as not to keep spinning up drives. I've searched but not found anything specifically Unraid related.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I went through the list but still no dice I'm afraid. Unfortunately I really don't want to use bridge mode. It has caused problems with the UniFi USG router in the past and since segregating internet connection and routing the set-up has been working flawlessly. Additionally my modem/router has to hold open a VPN to tunnel through CGNAT and provide a fixed IP address. Here in the UK our fixed internet is so poor I finally gave up and now use 4G exclusively, crazy as I'm only 25 miles outside the M25. Look like I need to have yet another go, starting from scratch. It really should work.
  10. Anyone able to shed any light or offer any suggestions on my connectivity issue?
  11. Same problem, but iOS client. The handshake just keeps on retrying. I have a UniFi USG with port forwarded as suggested in the blog. I do however have an upstream router (used as modem only) with its DMZ set to the UniFi USG. Any help appreciated Local server configuration [Interface] #Unraid VPN PrivateKey=***= Address= ListenPort=51820 PostUp=logger -t wireguard 'Tunnel WireGuard-wg0 started' PostUp=iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o br0 -j MASQUERADE PostDown=logger -t wireguard 'Tunnel WireGuard-wg0 stopped' PostDown=iptables -t nat -D POSTROUTING -s -o br0 -j MASQUERADE [Peer] #Remote PublicKey=****= PresharedKey=****= AllowedIPs= Remote peer configuration [Interface] #Remote PrivateKey=***= Address= DNS= [Peer] #Unraid VPN PresharedKey=***= PublicKey=***= Endpoint=*.*.*.*:51820 AllowedIPs=,
  12. Can I just say “thank you” for such a useful application. I’ve been having terrible problems with my home broadband (aka it’s been down 5 weeks!) and is flaky when it worked. I’ve therefore been trying a 4G router (and vpn to get around CGNAT) and your app has been crucial in determining if this was a valid solution. BTW as a Zend Framework/PHP/JavaScript/JQuery developer I’m intrigued by Laravel/React so your app looks an interesting one to peek at
  13. Hi all. This plug has been working great for years, but I see today the results have all vanished and when I try to run a test I get an error. Screen-shots attached. I have tried removing and re-installing the plugin. Anyone know what this might be?
  14. This, along with re-enabling the built in telegraf apcupsd worked great. Thank you all.
  15. Agree. I've aware of the security measure (read lots about it on this forum) and why it is as it is. Still, it's a pain because I'm mixing types of dockers which is where I'm falling foul.
  16. I did see this, but assumed it wasn't implemented fully as I couldn't see any way to determine if it was passing data and if so in to what variable. I'll research more as this might be the answer - thanks. I also found a plug-in for telegraf that calls a python script but unfortunately that didn't work as python is not included with the docker.
  17. Hi all, I think I've hit a bit of a brick wall trying to get monitoring/graphing set-up and I think what I am trying to achieve may not be possible, at least not in the way I'm approaching it. I am using: Grafana docker (to graph stuff) InfluxDB docker (db to store data) UniFi Poller docker (poll Unifi Controller and push data to InfluxDB) Telegraf docker (poll UnRAID and send data to InfluxDB) Apcupsd-influxdb-exporter docker (read APCUPSD UPS data and send to Influx DB) Now, I have all but Apcupsd-influxdb-exporter working fine but seem to have hit a catch-22 situation. Initially I configured everything as HOST (to save on loads of IP addresses being used unnecessarily), but the Unifi Poller failed as my UniFI Controller is running on br0 to give it a dedicated IP address. This is really important for UniFi management. So, i had to move all the other dockers listed above to br0 in order for them to see each other. Not ideal, but it works. If I moved only UniFi poller to br0, it then couldn't see InfluxDB on host, so I had to move that to br0 and so on. I now have Apcupsd-influxdb-exporter which if I set it as HOST can see the UPS data but not InfluxDB. If I set it to br0 it can see InfluxDB but not the host UPS data! There must be a better way to do all this - I want my UniFi controller to remain on br0 and preferably everything else to be on HOST. This would mean the UniFi Poller docker would somehow have to communicate with a br0 docker (the UniFi controller). Or any other suggestions? This seems rather complex just to get some stats in one place and chart them!
  18. I've been trying a number of options to shrink .ts recorded stuff and all have been too complicated, slow or clunky. Recordings-autoconverter is working beautifully. Thanks
  19. Hi all, I’ve recently built my first UnRAID server, which went well but I have question regarding how I’ve powered the hard drives. Better safe than sorry, so though I’d ask here. My build uses the Corsair SF450 Platinum PSU. I want to power 6 x SATA (at least for now). I have the SATA power from the PSU connected to four drives using the included cable. Additionally I have 2 x 2 way SATA splitter on two of the connectors in order to give me a total of 6. There are no further SATA power sockets on the PSU. I also have the Molex socket being used via the supplied Molex cable only to the case fan. This cable has a spare a Molex socket which I could use to go to two of the drives using something like the Silverstone Molex to 4 SATA sleeved high-quality cable. To summarise: Now: PSU -> Sata -> Sata (split to 2 Sata) -> Sata -> Sata (split to 2 x Sata) Possible: PSU -> Sata -> Sata -> Sata -> Sata PSU -> Molex -> Molex -> Sata -> Sata Would this be a safer bet?
  20. Thanks I hadn't even considered that. I mounted the SF PSU on its adapter plate (the platinum came with one) so it is flush against the bottom of the case against the air intake. I could rotate the adapter so the PSU has space underneath. I wasn't sure if it was better flush or not. Running two SATA power cables in the way you describe would work really well with the flip-orientation the bays hold the drives. Currently I've all six from a single connection on the PSU, as the others are taken. I could split on one the others though to give me 2 x 3 rather than the 1 x 6 I currently have. At present one cage only has one drive mounted and the old SSD is blu-tac'd to the side as a temporary measure while I copy data off it to the new m.2 drive. I'll then be removing it anyway. Good stuff, thanks for the feedback.
  21. Look what arrived today! 5 hours later.... And UnRAID works perfectly. Plex GPU transcoding is working fine. Everything else appears to be great. I need to move my Cache drive from the old SSD to the new M.2 SSD. I also need to sort out the cable management inside. It's currently a bit of a mess. I found 6 x SATA and power really difficult to fit. So far, so good though. Considering how wrong it all could have gone!
  22. Looks like a nice case, but a lot more expensive and too deep to have the removable bays pointing front (I have limited space).
  23. Just to update everyone. After loads of forum searching my list has changed quite a bit. It's now based on what others have working with both UnRAID and Plex. Case - Fractal Design Node 304 Motherboard - ASRock Z390M-ITX/AC Processor - Intel i3 8100 RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K8G4D32AESBK SSD - Corsair CSSD-F240GBMP510 M.2 PSU - Corsair SF450 Platinum
  24. Reading some more, this is very VERY good advice. I’m scouring various forums to see what might be more suitable. I have a few leads so we’ll see where they take me. So far the ASRock 390M-ITX/AC is looking good. Supports both Unraid and Plex (inc gpu on new intels), has 6 SATA and dual Ethernet. I’ll lose things such as ECC memory support and lights out management, which is a shame.
  25. I've found some Kingston RAM in spec. However, I'm now in a pickle. It looks like the i3 8100 isn't supported and from what I can tell a newer board P11C-I is what I need. I can't see many other changes except more recent CPU support. However, I can't find out much about the P11C-I and what I can doesn't fill me with confidence. ASUS seem to suggest the GPU in the 8100 (or any i series) isn't supported, which is rather worrying, unless I'm missing something? I wanted the GPU for Plex, and without it I might as well get the 8100T which is cheaper. I think! Assuming I want the i3 8100 is there a better board? ASRock or SuperMicro? I though I was set, but now confused again!