relocate data - when new disk added

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Nice will be add option to automatical/ or on button (manual) relocate data betwen disk when we add new disk


example when we have 6 disk for 95% space used on each and we add new disk (which will be have 0% used)

nice will be add some script which move some data from this 6 disk to new one - for get more space - and better spread disk space


after that example all 7 disk will have 70% used space

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There's really no reason to reallocate the data like that.  In fact, for most users, it's best not to.  If you reallocated your data as you suggested, then all of your disks would be writing on the inner cylinders.  This would result in notably slower writes than you'll get with outer cylinder writes.


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A fairly typical UnRAID use is to hold media collections ... which are basically "write once" and read many applications.    While it's true that WRITES to a very full disk are much slower when the disk is very full (over 95%), there is NO impact on reads -- i.e. the disks stream just fine no matter how full they are.


Most of my disks are 99+ % full ... and there is absolutely NO problem with the performance of the server for streaming.


And writes are MUCH faster to a relatively empty (e.g. new) disk, since they're all to the outer cylinders of the disk, which are MUCH quicker than the inner cylinders it will be using when it gets fairly full (e.g. 80% or so).


If you "rebalanced" all your data every time you added a new disk, it would not only take a LOT of time doing all these copies;  but it would also mean all of your newly written data was on the slower inner cylinders.


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