DNS settings get changed whenever I install a new version

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change made, rebooting now.  I don't use OSX, nor do I ever plan to.


I've also never used servername.local, at least, not that I know of.


I have been having trouble using my host name in a Firefox address bar.  My server is called media, and when I type that in the browser, I get a google search for media/


it didn't used to be this way.  media:9992 used to bring up SABnzbd just fine, but I've had to change all my bookmarks to use to get any dockers to load.  Probably not related, but thought it might be worth mentioning.


This issue almost certainly is being caused avahi finding another mDNS server on your network announcing that DNS server.


I only have a modem from Charter, with no router, nor wifi, and that's connected directly to my Cisco e3000 router, running custom Tomato firmware.  I can't think of anything else that might be trying to work as a DNS server, but networking is not my strong suit, so I may be just ignorant of what else might be causing it.


I'm planning on being near the computer most of the day, so I'm here to troubleshoot for whatever you need.


thanks for your help.


server is back up, DNS was reset again :(


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I have it set to "no", and I confirmed it stayed thru the reboot; it did...


# Generated settings:
shareInitialGroup="Domain Users"
shareMoverSchedule="15 2 * * *"


I didn't realize resolv.conf was rewritten on boot.  it's been there every time I've ever looked.  when I change the DNS settings to use the 3 IP addresses, the file does get updated, I just checked.

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change made, rebooting now...


first screenshot is before reboot.  second is after :(


***I just changed the DNS settings, and this time it did save successfully.  i.e. the warning error I reported earlier did not happen.  it saved, and came back to a fully functioning screen that would allow me to make more changes.  Might be a clue??



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I think I may have figured this out.  In another thread, Tom asked me to make a change to the go file.  it's been at least 2 years since I've touched this go file, so when I opened it to make the change, I noticed this line...


echo nameserver >/etc/resolv.conf


I assume this is what is causing my issues.  I'm removing that line and will reboot, and report back if I still have any issues.

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I stumbled over this thread while searching Google for WHY on Earth my DNS servers kept getting changed in UnRAID 6 (latest).  I am a new UnRAID Pro user, but I am no newbie to Linux.  My /boot/config/network.cfg looked good ->


# Generated settings:

















My Settings/Network & resolv.conf was continually populating with my ISP's DNS server, two Google DNS servers & two Google IPv6 DNS servers in different orders every time.  I said what the HECK!  So, I started investigating if UnRAID was even IPv6-enabled, which it appears it is not.  No big deal there.  Then, I hit this thread.. which lead me to the devil-child known as resolv.conf.avahi.  It was showing the correct DNS server configuration!  Avahi!  I happen to have a pfSense router with Avahi enabled & am connected via OpenVPN to my parent's pfSense Router which has Avahi enabled.  Apparently, Avahi is advertising mDNS servers and Avahi is injecting them into our resolv.conf in UnRAID.


I have disabled Avahi in my /boot/config/share.cfg file & disabled AFP on UnRAID.  Problem resolved. & stick after a reboot now.  The reason I stumbled over all of this is because I could not join my Active Directory domain, the DNS servers in the GUI would not stick after I hit Apply.  Now I can join the Active Directory domain.


I would recommend that some form of control be integrated into the GUI for Avahi if UnRAID is going to utilize it.  I would imagine this is a happening to any users with Avahi in their environment.

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I also just stumbled across this thread. I have /etc/resolv.conf.avahi, where my static DNS entries are. Oddly, my resolv.conf has, which is my gateway.


I'm going to disable avahi, which I expect will fix my problem.

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