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I was reading up on the usage of a newsreader on unraid.  I saw different kinds and am wondering what the differences are because I have never used any of these before.  I am used to newsleecher which gives me the best performance.  I am not very linux savvy as well as the fact I do not want to rely on command line interfaces.  I like GUI (it looks pretty =p).


From the 3 newsreaders HELLANZB, SABNZB, and NZBGET that I have read has been working on unraid systems, what the pros/cons of using them are?  Are there other alternatives?


My purpose and preferences are as follows:

1) Which gives the best performance?  I do not have a dual core so I do not want it to be abusing my system.  This is in terms of grabbing headers as well as download/repair/extracting.

2) Are there web interfaces in which I can connect to them like I do with unRAID (http://tower)?  I am trying to find which is the most user friendly but all the screenshots I can find are all command line based.

3) Are there schedulers/bandwidth limiters?  Can it be used in off hours with my main PC off?

4) SSL support?  Number of connections (I do not know if software limits this)?


My main purpose is that I will get nzb or create nzbs on my windows PC therefore grabbing headers is not important.  I would like to upload/transfer them to the tower which will download/repair/extract then delete the nzb/rar/par files afterwards.  Scheduling them to perform these functions overnight is a plus so I can just turn off my main PC (I do not want to have 2 PCs on overnight).  I want it only to remain connected to the newsgroup server during these off hours which I will schedule.  Defining where they go in the tower is also a plus so I do not have to transfer them again within the server.  Also SSL is important and necessary.

I want to do everything from the WEB connection like I do with unRAID in other words no cmd line if at all possible.


Thanks for the help.




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as far as setting it up on unraid i can't really comment on that as i haven't done it


sabnzbd is definitely the better reader, however if you're after performance then you should go with hellanzb. it is the most lightweight client between the two (never used nzbget) however the bandwidth limiting in hellanzb has a few bugs, which is what makes sabnzbd better

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id go with nzbget now. I still use sab but am porting to nzbget (i have a complicated setup to reproduce first).


NZBget used to be behind sab but recently it has more than caught up and is probably more suited to unRAID

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I find Sab creates alot more load on a server than NZBGet. If you have loads to spare sab is probably more n00b friendly.


However if i was setting up for the first time id definitely go with what i think is the best now, NZBget. It is extremely slick in operation


Keep in mind if you check back I was a big Sab advocate on these forums.

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Currently trying sabnzbd to see how it works out but I wanna try nzbget since you say its a better performer for unRAID. 


NAS, are you using your own nzbget or are you using bubbas?  I was looking at bubbas but there I do not think there is any SSL support yet and it has many functions which I do not need.  Is there a link to some instructions or something for me to get NZBGET installed without installing bubbaRAID?  I am looking at this post.  Is this the right one I should be looking at?



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I use both newsleecher and sabnzb. If nzbget had rss feeds and ssl, I would have no problems switching over.

Love those rss feeds!!!


What websites are you using to do your news searches on, and do they go back more than 240 days for searches?

Link to post Has had 240 day retention for the longest time, and are planning on 365 day retention.


Astraweb Statistics



Retention: 240+ Days across ALL groups

- Retention is being upgraded to 365 days at the moment.

Keep watching it rise!


Completion:   99%+


Connections:   20 connections (Unlimited Plan)

50 connections (Pay-by-download Plan)


Servers:   United States (

Europe (


Network:   Level 3

LimeLight Networks






That is my point!

Link to post Has had 240 day retention for the longest time, and are planning on 365 day retention.





Unfortunately you will find actual retention and stated retention are two completely different things. Try completing something 10GB at 239 days :)

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Sorry for the ThreadJack magistratee:


But I'm wondering what the preferred method is for scrubbing (automating) your weekly downloads of your favourite shows? I gather most people use a NewsBin account which I don't have, but I also see some third party scripts. This is all new to me (surprise  ::)) having come from a torrent world, but also being a Usenet junkie from wayback. I only have the Windows version installed thus far to test the concept, but I will eventually move to UnRaid once I figure it all out. So far I've only dropped the NZBs into the watched folder, which I gather is what the scripts do or are they tied into the API? I couldn't believe the speed, one 'file' came down at 400KBS.  :o

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^ i completed 2 8gb HD movies last night on astraweb, both were at 245 days

Same here, with the same newgroup server.

Of course, if they say on tuesday they now have 300 day retention, it will take a little while to get to 300 days.

Newsleecher does not search beyond 200 days. I am trying to search for things that were there over 200 days.

What are my options?

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Sorry for the ThreadJack magistratee:


No prob I think it has changed already ;D.


But I'm wondering what the preferred method is for scrubbing (automating) your weekly downloads of your favourite shows?


I do not use any of such.  When I need something I just search for it at one of the sites such as mentioned and put the nzb into sab manually either through the /sabnzbd or the firefox add-on.  I have not made any scripts of the sort and still fiddling with it to see how it works and if I would want to use it for my purposes.  This is my first server made and I am a window user so I am not sure I am the right person to ask.  Sab has an RSS feed you can use if you want though.  I think people use that with for TV shows.  I cannot comment on such because I do not use feeds or scripts (at least at the moment).


I couldn't believe the speed, one 'file' came down at 400KBS.


Thats why I use newsgroups =p in addition to its security.  I am pretty sure u can hit a faster download than that :).


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