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what do you think 30,45 or 60 driver server


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These are really a different class of product.  If you want this much storage in a single POD you're better off to run a single RAID-6 than to try and configure it with 2 UnRAID servers in the same box.


But if you did want to do that, you'd have to use 2 separate 24-port RAID controllers (so you could pass each through to a VM); and set up two separate UnRAID VM's ... passing one controller through to each VM.


Running a pair of UnRAID VM's under ESXi should work just fine.  But by the time you configure this and buy two 24-port RAID cards to provide the ports you need, it'd likely be both more efficient and less expensive to build 2 independent 24 drive systems.



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With that much data and just one or two 2gigs ethernet port to push em out... (not to mention the number of real users at the location), I wonder if it's more reasonable and economical to implement a snapshot-type raid like flexraid or snapraid, than an always-online system like unraid.

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