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mover not running, web gui not showing changes

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This is only the second time ever that I have had this problem in four years of running unraid.




Just noticed my cache drive has 2.5GB free of 320GB.  Went into the web gui and clicked "run mover now."  Instead of getting the mover running advisement, the page refreshed and the "run mover now" button was still labeled as such.  SSH'd into the machine, ran 'mover' from the command line, no effect.


I went into the three most used shares to tell unraid not to use the cache drive for them while I sort out this problem (so stuff could still be copied to the array) -- clicking on "no" in the drop down box and then apply, same effect as clicking the "run mover now" button -- web page refreshes, changes had no effect.



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Clean powerdown, rebooted, unraid decided it needs to do a parity check.  Dunno why.


Mover running, user0 back.


Last reboot was 14 days ago, figure mover hadn't run since then.

If you really did a clean powerdown and unRAID decided to do a parity check anyway, that could mean that it was unable to write the run state to super.dat on your flash, possibly because it was corrupt and read-only.


Put your flash in your PC and let it checkdisk.

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