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Cache Drive included in share size

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Hi Everyone,


I'm seeing an issue where the size of the share includes the size of the cache drive.  I am recording programs to Mythtv on a share that I have created just for Mythtv.  The share includes only a single 4tb drive.  My cache driev is a 300GB drive.


Here is what it looks like on my Unraid server:


df -h


/dev/md2              3.7T  3.4T  274G  93% /mnt/disk2



However, when I have the share mounted on my Mythtvbackend it shows a size that includes the cache drive:


//  4.0T  3.4T  530G  87% /var/lib/mythtv/recordings



Notice that the size reported to the Mythbackend is 3.7TB +300GB, this is the size of 4tb drive + the cache drive.  This causes problems with mythtv, because it does not delete files from the share when it should.  The share could be completely full using the entire capacity of the single 4tb drive, but Unraid still reports to Mythtv that 300GB is free.  This means that mythtv does not delete old recordings, and there is no place on the share to move the cached recordings from the cache disk to the share. 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!




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Thanks, I may have to do that, but I actually want to use the cache disk.  Is there anyway to get Unraid to not report the size of shares to include the cache disk?

No. I am not using MythTV (yet), but according to this wiki
The disc space threshold at which recordings start to be deleted is configurable.
so it seems like you should be able to compensate that way.
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Unfortunately, this setting in mythtv (at least my version) only appears to go up to 200GB, and my cache disk is 300GB.  I think what I will do is replace my 300GB cache disk with a 144GB 10k SAS cache disk.  And that should solve my problem, but gives me a smaller cache disk.

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