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Docker - Lost them all but appdata folder is still there

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How do I get unRaid to reconnect to my dockers?  After a power bump, my cache drive was unmountable. 


See: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=39960.0


I was not able to get the cache disk mounted so I could , so clobbered the xfs log and did an xfs_repair -L /dev/sdb1.  Now we are running again (6rc2), but docker is claiming that I have no docker containers installed. 


I beg to differ as my appdata folder is still intact with about 10 dockers in it and my docker.img file is also there.  What is the way to recover from this error?



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On 5/20/2015 at 2:12 AM, lionelhutz said:

See if you do an Add if you find the my-xxx templates in the list. If you pick those, they will re-install as they were.


FYI, the appdata is not the dockers, it's just stored data the dockers use. You should have a docker.img file and that holds the actual dockers.

I managed to get back 2 out of 4 dockers doing this. Thanks for the time saved. 

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