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invalid docker image name


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I'm not sure if this would qualify as a defect.  A docker image filename I used in 6.0-b12 is not valid in RC2.


I upgraded from 6.0b12 to rc2.

The docker file I used in b12 was /mnt/user/AppData/docker.img

When attempting to recreate the docker image, neither the delete commands nor create commands did anything.

When I tried copying in the same directory into the docker image text field (I logged in via SSH and copied the directory name into the clipboard), I saw the red text error message "Error: cannot specify user share (instead use cache, disk1, disk2, etc)." indicating something was wrong.


After I changed the docker image to /mnt/cache/AppData/docker.img, everything worked fine.

It would be nice if the Apply button would also trigger that error message to be displayed instead of silently doing nothing.

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