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Beets docker


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While on topic - has anyone had issues where they go to install the Docker container through the web interface, and after all the information is put in and you click 'Create' it just does nothing? Like you didn't even click the button?  Can't figure out what the heck is going on there.

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Overbyrn was the only guy to create a beets plug in and it is broken in the latest unRAID TV versions. He has pretty much abandoned plugin writing and support.


Smdion has created the only beets docker and, based on comments from him in other threads, seems to be headed down the same path as overbyrn.


I'm 100% a user and have no competency in either plugins or docker creation, so I'm mostly trying to future proof my installation a bit so that when there IS an important update I'm not left stranded. Again.

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Btw, that wasn't a slight against you. Life gets busy and the enjoyment of creating these things probably fades away as you get stuck in maintenance mode with the constantly changing(and add-on breaking) unRAID updates.


There's never any shortage of options for sab+, plex, or sickbeard... But beets is a fringe app and one that's best used local to the stored files, so I want a certain amount of self-sufficiency when the inevitable happens to you, or any other dev that might pick up the mantle

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I'm around.. I'll see if I can update it tonight.


EDIT:  Seems it does a PIP install on install of the docker. Have you tried removing and readding the docker?


i have not, but am currently downloading and installing the update you just posted to the repository. thanks for that!

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Also, if you do EDGE=1 it will pull from GIT instead of the PIP install.




Its been some time since your post, but I am just a late starter :)


Can you clarify please, do I need to add the variable to the variable list and set its value to 1, as that doesn't seem to make any differance to what is pulled.


I dont seem to have the variable at all when I enable advanced settings.


Thanks in advance



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