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On 9/5/2018 at 6:07 PM, binhex said:

ahh one of the few faithful :-), yep MG is still in use quite heavily by myself, and my master plan is a complete re-write, i wrote MG a long time ago and ive learnt a lot since that time, but the core beating heart of MG is going to remain the same, automated downloads via imdb criteria, so dont worry about that.


my main problem is one of time, to do the re-write is a massive undertaking, ive started on it but its going to be a long way off yet before i will be ready to release, obviously i dont want to put too much time into the older MG, and as your issue is usenet related and i dont have a usenet subscription at the mo (using MG with torrent support), its going to be hard for me to test any fixes.



I am a bit of a lurker and even when there is an issue I normally just wait till it works itself out.  Thought I would dig up my log-in and post so you know the faithful are still out there. 


I would rather you spend any time on a  rewrite to take MG to the next level.  Maybe then it will catch on, still don't know why people prefer all the work of Radarr and CP.   I would help out if I could but my programming skills are limited, so not sure what I could do to help move the project along.


Hopefully sometime in the not do distant future we will see the ultimate new version of MG!!



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On 9/9/2018 at 6:55 AM, binhex said:



Just FYI it's going to be reborn as 'Siphonator' emoji16.png if it ever makes it past dev hehe.

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I don't see a siphonator and I don't get a GUI with MG.  I must be doing it wrong.  I'm not a fan of SONARR.   Is MG still operational? 

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