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Read count is double the write count, but no parity drive.


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Background: I'm running 5.0.6 on a HP Microserver N54L with 8GB of memory, Hitachi 4TB NAS parity drive, and three WD 4TB Red data drives (formatted ReiserFS).  I went a little crazy around Black Friday and bought three more Hitachi 4TB NAS drives to replace my WD Reds.  After reading up on v6, I decided that I wanted to convert to XFS, so I setup the three new Hitachi drives in a spare HP Microserver N40L (4GB memory), loaded 6.1.8 with my second Plus license, and created a new array with the three drives all set as data drives, no parity.  Instead of copying the data from one server to another over the network, I shutdown my 5.0.6 server, pulled one of the data drives, added it to my 6.1.8 server as a fourth data drive, and started copying the data using the command-line at the console.  Once I have the data moved to the new XFS-formatted drives, I'm going to put the four Hitachi drives in the N54L and rebuild parity.  I'll keep the WD Red drives on hand as backups for a bit.


Now, the weird thing that I noticed is in the Web GUI, the read count on the ReiserFS drive is double the write count on the XFS drive that I'm writing to.  I would expect numbers like that if unRAID was calculating parity, but I'm not running a parity drive yet.  Is this working as expected or is this a bug?


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As noted, there's nothing to worry about ... it's not counting bytes read/written, but actual I/O operations, which vary due to the buffering operations during the I/O.


It would be pretty cool to display bytes read/written, though. :)

A 13 digit number for just one complete pass of most disks these days, which is what you would get for just a single parity check.
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