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Will rebuild the filesystem (/dev/md5) tree

Will put log info to 'stdout'


Do you want to run this program?[N/Yes] (note need to type Yes if you do):Yes

Replaying journal: Done.

Reiserfs journal '/dev/md5' in blocks [18..8211]: 0 transactions replayed


will this eventually tell me when its done?


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there are 2 files in my index of shares that are .DS_Store files, could this be the source of my problem? The error_36 pertains to .DS_Store files.

Type  Name  Size  Last Modified  Location

  Parent Directory       

  appdata/      2014-10-26 14:46  cache

  Documents/      2014-10-21 03:40  disk1

  documents/      2016-03-21 20:15  disk2

  Downloads/      2016-03-21 20:14  disk2

  downloads/      2014-10-18 08:54  disk1,2

  lost+found/      2016-03-25 01:59  disk5

  Mac Software/      2016-01-26 04:15  disk1

  Media/      2014-10-20 19:09  disk1

  Movies/      2016-03-22 04:07  disk2

  movies/      2016-03-29 16:50  cache,disk1,2,4,5,6

  music/      2016-03-28 03:40  disk1,2

  PC Software/      2016-01-26 04:31  disk1

  Photos/      2016-03-29 03:40  disk1,2

  television/      2016-01-26 10:07  disk1,2

  ._.DS_Store  4.1 KB  2014-10-26 14:48  disk1,2*,3*,4*,6*,7*

  .DS_Store  14.34 KB  2016-03-13 14:44  disk1,2*,3*,4*,6*,7*

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