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Moving drives to a new machine


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My wife has decided that the dedicated machine is in the way.  I want to combine unraid with my new gaming machine.  I haven't put the parts for the gaming machine together yet, and won't for a few days, however if it's possible, I plan on combining the machine with unraid and using my gaming machine as a VM on top of unraid.  Is it possible to physically move the existing disks to the new hardware, without losing the data?  or would it be a better plan to migrate the data off using a portable hard drive a few hundred gigs at a time?  I still have two TB of files that I haven't added to the NAS yet, but I have around 1.2TB of files already on the NAS, and I would hate to loose those files.  Hence the use of a dedicated NAS for them.


The gaming machine will be a direct upgrade of my current machine, and there will be enough SATA ports for all the unraid disks plus my SSD for a boot drive.  I haven't played with VM's on unraid at all.  I'm just guessing that I will be able to give it a dedicated drive, and pass the single GPU through to the VM.  Also, Do the VM's auto-start with unraid in the event that a power loss occurs?  or would I be required to boot up a second machine and trigger the VM?

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If you boot from the same flash then unRAID will probably not care if it is in a different machine. In the unlikely event that there are issues we can work through them. You won't lose any data.


I have replaced motherboards, CPUs, controllers, cases, power supplies. unRAID has always booted up just fine with all my disks assigned just as before.

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