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Is the Plex docker supposed to stress the CPU this much when not being used?


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I'm completely new to Unraid 6 and Linux in general, and I am currently using the trial to figure out if I wan't to going to invest in a Pro licens or just stick with ESXI. The issue I am currently having is when I start the plexdocker (limetech one) the CPU utilization on all 4 cores (plus hyperthreading) is around ~10% an stays there as long as it is running without doing anything. But as soon as I either I update a library, analyze or refresh it goes up to 70%+ on all cores. And even after plex is done with whatever task is done the utilization doesn't go down. And this is with out it being used, no transcoding no nothing.To get it down I actually have to shut down the docker and restart it.


Is this normal? You can see my system below in the signature.


I have LecgacyRutottent running which should use more CPU from my experience with around 50-100 torrents seeding, and 50 torrents downloading at the same time, but that doesn't make the utilization go over 30%.


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I'm running a Plex Docker (not the LT one) with a reasonably large library, and CPU utilisation is negligible when Plex is doing nothing (i5-4570S @ 2.90GHz). Are you sure Plex isn't rendering Video Preview Thumbnails/Media Index Files or something? What does the Plex log say?


As for your signature, keep in mind that "b" is bit and "B" is byte. I assume you have 24GiB RAM and 2TB drives.

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