c226 chipset with a core i5 4570t and ecc RAM


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Hi Everyone.


I guess the title of the thread is somewhat self explanatory.

I want to upgrade my unRaid box, but as a poor student the money are scarce. So I wanted to do the upgrade in increments.

I have an core i5 4570t and I have a couple of ecc ram sticks. The question is now would it work if I slap the ram sticks in the motherboard together with my 4570t?

Obviously the ecc fuctionality wouldn't work, but would they function as ordinary ram?


Thank you in advance



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From HP regarding workstations with same chipset:



Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory is supported on workstation Intel® Xeon® SKUs, thereby improving data integrity. If ECC memory is used in conjunction with a non-ECC processor sku, ECC protection is not available and the DIMMs will appear to the system as Non-ECC memory. Desktop PCs do not typically support ECC.

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Thank you for the reply.

I think I'll go ahead and buy it, I will by some regular RAM if it should have trouble booting.




I suspect it will boot just fine;  but if it doesn't, I'd suggest you consider buying an i3 with ECC support rather than buying non-ECC memory.  Since you've got a server-quality board with the C226 chipset, it's a shame to not take advantage of the error correcting memory.    And a high-end i3 will actually outperform your i5.    [e.g. an i3-4330 scores 5063 on PassMark compared to 4791 for your i5]


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