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Dear readers,


A few days ago I installed unraid and so far all had been going well.

After searching around and finding several docker containers I came upon a thread in which someone mentioned "community applications".

Some more research pointed out that this was something like an app-store.


After installing the community applications plugin(from: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=40262.0) something weird happened.

Clicking on the apps button in my top bar shows part of the application and then starts throwing the same error over and over again.

This error being:


Download of appfeed failed. Reverting to legacy mode

Download of source file has failed


I already tried reinstalling and I even found the url the app (should) use, this being: http://tools.linuxserver.io/unraid-docker-templates.json which I can access without any problem. (tested in chrome and postman)


Does anyone know how to resolve my issue?

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.


I did try to download it on my server (with wget) and it works fine. (I tried it again today and it still works: https://asciinema.org/a/2f46yv8n0osxht92c5dlspbvl)

If someone could tell me where exactly the file *should* go I can try manually moving it there. (or check permissions on the folder :P)

The file is not actually saved anywhere, but is parsed upon completion of the download, so there's no way to bypass it.


You're server is not hitting linuxserver.io, nor is it hitting github (legacy mode).  Behind a VPN by chance?

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I am not behind a vpn and can ping the linuxserver.io domain just fine :/

I uninstalled and reinstalled the application a couple of times now and I'm running version 2016.06.05a



gave up on fixing this without using my prior knowledge.

app now downloads the file list and then parses it. this worked.


closed & resolved


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