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  1. I would recommend you to post the issue here: If not, you could change to linuxserver's Ombi docker.
  2. 1. Use in general settings, and the ip of your server/docker in ip settings for sonarr. 2. På bazarr har jeg følgende mappings: Path for sonarr: /media (/mnt/user/tvshows) Path for bazarr: /tv (/mnt/user/tvshows) 3. Ip address of your server Yes you need the api key Your mapping in bazarr would be /tv (sonarr) and /media/TV-Serie (bazarr)
  3. I think this would be very useful. I don't see to much point integrate it more in the webgui than a link in the tools menu. What is way more work, but I think would be extremely useful is a file browser with the functions / limitations that trurl mentions above.
  4. Limetech said itself that they plan on adding in-place encryption of devices in 6.4.0 release notes "ALL PREVIOUS DATA ON THAT DEVICE WILL BE DESTROYED. Hence it is not possible, in this release, to encrypt in-place. We plan to add a utility in a future release to accomplish this however."
  5. I am going to remove this image, since I don't have the time to do support on another ones docker, and I don't have the time to make my own atm. Cubecoders are going to make their own docker after 1.7 update FYI
  6. You could make a script using the CA User Scripts plugin, not as nice at having it directly in the UI on the share, but it gets the job done.
  7. You can use Server Layout plugin, and add the vendor in the notes field.
  8. Ok, I see. Is there any documention on this on the unraid manual? I want to read a bit more about this, without going in very deep. How does unraid/docker find out which ports to map then? Does it take the ones from "Expose" part on the docker file? How will I then add another port if neccesary without editing the docker file itself? Maybe it would be nice to grey out the port field then using custom networks? If that is not too much work.
  9. Description: Then trying to add a new port when network type is set to Custom it is not possible to add container port How to reproduce: Try to add a new port then network type is set to Custom. Expected results: Shows the Container port field when network type is set to Custom (like it does on network type bridge) Actual results: Not showing the conatiner port field
  10. Nope, never heard of before! This works great, even without changing permissions or owner if the files. So if I want to make all the files uneditable, can I run this command? find /mnt/disk1/Media/ -type f -exec chattr +i "{}" \; find /mnt/disk2/Media/ -type f -exec chattr +i "{}" \; And If I need to edit the files again, I run this command? find /mnt/disk1/Media/ -type f -exec chattr -i "{}" \; find /mnt/disk2/Media/ -type f -exec chattr -i "{}" \; There is no need to do this on folder too? I could at least not delete any folders with a file that is immutable.