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  1. This was in the docker section when i went to the page. before the system crashed.
  2. My docker failed randomly, i thought it was my usb flash drive as i had some input/output errors on the following boot and the webui wouldn't start. I have replaced my USB drive with a new one and restored from a backup but my docker still will not start. my array is mounted and my disks all look fine. Any suggestions? I see these errors in syslog Jul 25 05:29:42 Tower avahi-dnsconfd[3624]: Successfully connected to Avahi daemon. Jul 25 05:29:42 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (626): /usr/local/sbin/mount_image '/mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img' /var/lib/docker 50 Jul 25 05:29:42 Tower root: '/mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img' is in-use, cannot mount Jul 25 05:29:42 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (626): exit status: 1 Jul 25 05:29:43 Tower avahi-daemon[3615]: Server startup complete. Host name is Tower.local. Local service cookie is 3466694824. Jul 25 05:29:43 Tower avahi-daemon[3615]: Service "Tower" (/services/ssh.service) successfully established. Jul 25 05:29:43 Tower avahi-daemon[3615]: Service "Tower" (/services/smb.service) successfully established. Jul 25 05:29:43 Tower avahi-daemon[3615]: Service "Tower" (/services/sftp-ssh.service) successfully established. And this in the docker.log failed to start daemon: lstat /var/lib/docker/image/btrfs/layerdb/sha256/879bc71e199bc7a441949238d32c2a7779020ba3cbce6297c88d3489abfc8579: input/output error hoping there is someway to repair it as i don't remember my docker app settings i remember reinstalling an app a few months ago doesn't have the templates dropdown like it use too.
  3. The housing The fan sits in requires the standard head connector. Looks like be quiet has made these look nice but I don’t think they will fit in the housing.
  4. Hi Community, I moved from a project lots of disks in a case to a proper chassis Logic Case SC-4024. The reason i went with the case is so i could change out the fans since they are 4pin 120MM fans. Not sure if anyone has this case or seen any articles on changing the fans i have done some searched and haven't turned up much. The fans drop onto a board that has plugs off it for PWM i have plugged those into my motherboard PWM headers directly. When i set any of the fans below 2000RPM it pretty much stops the fan. They are pretty loud i am not sure if the board itself is stopping the fan or not. I also tried plugging them into a fan controller but it was 3 min and it started randomly surging the fans without my input i could hear a clicking like there is some kind of brain on this PCB. I am guessing if i can find some fans that are good for high static pressure that can spin at over 2000RPM and not sound like the air is being torn apart that would be nice. Anyone have any suggestions, i am not seeing overheating issues at all but i have it in a space that is 20C.
  5. ive just removed it from the internal USB port to the external USB port on the back and it seems to be happy now. I thought it would be no different to use the internal one on the motherboard but i guess it is very different.
  6. I moved to a new server chassis and getting a heap of errors. I have no idea what has gone wrong all my disks are here but the array won't start or stop. It's the same USB key as i had before and it boots off it fine i just moved it to the port in the inside of the motherboard instead of using it on the outside.
  7. i found a fix i found an additonal tab in plugins at the top Installed Plugins/Install Plugin and i think the third one was errored plugins. inside that tab there was an old version of nvidia-plugin i removed it there. rebooted the server. Now i can use --runtime=nvidia in the docker. Plex is back up and running for me.
  8. I rebooted my unraid server and the Nvidia Plugin was no longer installed. I reinstalled the Nvidia plugin and i can see my GPU in it but my plex docker wouldn't start. All i get is this error from the Plex Docker "docker: Error response from daemon: Unknown runtime specified nvidia." I removed --runtime=nvidia and now its working without the GPU. Anyone know how to fix this? It's been working without any issues before? I've tried an old version of plex and a new version also another build that wasnt the official version. Any help appreciated
  9. I have never had experience doing this and i am not sure if its going to work or not. I have an LSI 9211 and 9201 card with 8087 interfaces. I have bought this server chassis it has a 8643 Backplane. And i've found these cables SFF-8643 to SAS SFF-8087 Is this actually going to work i know its not 12Gbps throughput speed but will it function?
  10. Looks like the lsi 9211 don’t work in 6.10 rolled back to 6.9 works fine.
  11. Diag attached.
  12. I am having a strange problem with BTRFS. I have lost one of my two mirror drives in the array. a balance is running at the moment but the disk that remains is the one the system is saying is missing? I have a replacement disk to add to the BTRFS but i assume i wait for the Balance to finish running then i stop the array and add the new drive to the BTRFS pool?
  13. Should i replace an NVME Cache Drive based on wear or let it die? I have two disks the one that the longest in here is the Intel SSDPEKKW256G7 lifetime writes for the drive are 140TB. Smart has marked the Drive as failed based on its wear indicator. As you can see it has done a bit more than 140TB. Not had a disk fail in a BTRFS before is it better to replace it before it dies?
  14. Also worth noting you need to shutdown the server with the disk in it, the disk has to lose power and boot back up. rebooting the server doesn't kill power to the drive. Mine still had issues till i shutdown the server and powered it back on.
  15. Static pressure fans might be needed, unsure if anyone has done testing with SP fans and non SP fans. which one pulls more air through.