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  1. Question with the "2020.01.18" update one item listed is "Added: Recommended apps" I've updated to latest version and when I click on the apps tab I dont have any option present for "Recommended Apps". Under categories the options I have are as follows: New Apps, Updated Apps, Random Apps, Top New Installs, Trending Apps Could someone clarify how you get into the new Recommended Apps?
  2. Hello @ich777 , I'm trying to get dirsync pro to work on my server and its not working. I've tried variety of different ports (8080, 8084, etc) in the config and that doesn't fix it (made sure to try ports that I didnt already have allocated to my other dockers). I've tried different browsers (chrome, edge, internet explorer) to access the Web UI and VNC isn't working on it (I'm able to use VNC find with my other dockers & VMs). I tried the docker both with a SMB remote share and local and no luck there either. I tried reviewing the online FAQ and couldn't find anything that would help me
  3. The 4.0 test that I downloaded off the first page yesterday at 12:17 PM EST. On my 6.6.7 Unraid is returning that I should be using a negative md_sync_thresh " md_sync_thresh: -56" is that even possible to use a negative md_sync_thresh? Or does the script need some sort of code added to never let it test down into negative values? The test also indicated that the setting will consume 0 MB which I thought was confusing too. Thought it seemed strange so before I updated my unraid to these settings I thought I better double check. If it makes any difference I do NOT have parity disks
  4. I came to this thread because of people over on the 6.6.0-rc3 prerelease thread complaining about a password manager. I'm a little confused. I use Google Chrome along with Lastpass. Whenever I go to login to my unraid the user id and password are always pre-filled in for me on the authentication box that pops up. I'm not sure if its chrome autofilling it in or my lastpass. I have 2 unraid boxes 1 where it auto fills and the other where it doesn't, haven't looked into the differences. But it seems with either lastpass or google chrome it is possible to have the password and login auto filled. S
  5. And yet another failure. The array rebuilt just fine. Again, this time I told it to use an entirely different hard drive for Parity 1, a seagate drive that was already precleared. The array rebuilt just fine, went 12 hours without any issues. Then I decided I better run a parity check to make sure everything is okay, and then in the middle of the parity check the parity drive was disabled. This seagate drive that I'm using is on an entirely different cable then the other one parity drive I had been using. Diagnostics and smart report attached. Any other id
  6. Ok will do. I was starting to think it might be the cable as well since there didn't seem to be any errors on the disk. For now, I decided to switch out that disk all together with a different 8TB drive (Seagate 8TB drive, non SMR, 7200 RPM). So far the array rebuilt just fine. Running a parity check now to see how it goes hopefully all will be ok. On the old 8TB WD Easystore shucked drive its currently still on the old wire it was on but I did remove wire and insert again. I have a 3 pass preclear running on it now to see if it comes up with any errors. If not Ill just put it in a
  7. I tried a rebuild again this morning and this time it failed a couple hours into the rebuild. Seems to be same issue as before. SMART report doesnt show any errors. Can anyone give some guidance? I've attached the diagnostics from this morning un 5 11:16:55 VMUnraid ntpd[2322]: receive: Unexpected origin timestamp 0xdec127e7.8a6c7435 does not match aorg 0000000000.00000000 from xmt 0xdec127e7.8eb2502f Jun 5 11:18:20 VMUnraid kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: log_info(0x31110d00): originator(PL), code(0x11), sub_code(0x0d00) Jun 5 11:18:20 VMUnraid kernel: sd
  8. They are all shucked drives. Also, they are plugged directly into the 16 port LSI HBA I have which is in PCI pass through from VMWare ESXI to the unraid VM. Everything was running fine for the first 3 weeks so not sure whats going on this last week that after each rebuild its succeeding then later having issues. Especially since I dont see where in my diagnostics that its reporting errors at the time that its occurring but I'm not sure. Thoughts?
  9. I've tried researching the error codes I'm getting on google and the unraid forum but the various posts I've found seem to be slightly different situations then what I have. I've attached my diagnostics log and smart report for the parity drive that I'm having issues with (I have 2 drive parity, its parity 1 that I'm having the issue with, not parity 2). The drive in question doesn't show any SMART errors, at least I don't think it is if I'm reading it correctly. All the drives in the array are 8TB WD easystore drives and I haven't had them for too terribly long maybe 2-3 months. B