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  1. I was only experiencing read errors, randomly it would go a day or two wihout an issue then read errors. once it completely marked the drive dead. I have RMA'd the disk twice before seeing this post. My Parity Drives are set to spin down after 2 hours but there is usually some activity on my array from Plex that keeps them spinning. I have never seen my parity drives not spinning. 24 hours and stable so far.
  2. ok i completely powered my server down and pulled the power from it. will see if that is good now.
  3. i issued both commands EPC disable and the lowcurrentspinup. on my ST8000VN004 rebooted, but after a spin down event i got errors again a few days later. If there another setting that needs to be disabled, i have forced the drive to stay spun up for the time being. But i do operate a system with 3xLSI 9211-8i Controllers. Not had any issues with my other disks. I do have 2xST8000VN004 additional drives but they are Parity Drives so never spin down. Any suggestions?
  4. If you have more than one Lsi card in the system you can’t have the boot bios on the cards. They fight with each other and what you are describing happens. You don’t need the boot bios unless you are booting Off a hard drive on the lsi controller. But you’re booting from USB so that is never required. You simply erase the bios from each card. If you have one lsi card in the system it’s fine but this behaviour happens with more than one. Sometimes the system can run for an hour before having a heap of issues read errors on drives and slow transfer speeds.
  5. Weirdly it happened again to me, i did reboot after issueing both the EPC disable and the lowcurrentspinup. The errors happened when the drive spun up again. i did a system reboot, do i need to power the whole system down for it to take effect ?
  6. this makes sense my parity drives are seagate 8TB disks but are always spinning. i am not going crazy.. thanks JorgeB applied the changes to the 3 drives and rebooted. see how it goes.
  7. I keep having this weird problem with read errors on a data disk. I have RMA'd one and my second unit same problem, but it preclears fine. I tried a different SATA cable that doesn't seem to have helped. I am not sure if its got something to do with the type of disk i don't operate any other 8TB drives. Extended Smart finished with no errors. its strange. Anyone else know what is happening here, do i just ignore it ?
  8. I remember reading somewhere that if you remove all the data from a Data Drive and remove it from the array. you don't need to rebuild the array. How do you do that? can you do that? my disk9 has failed so i've pulled all the Data off it and want to remove it from the array as a Data Drive i don't want to replace it. Upgrading to 8TB drives so collapsing how many disks are in my array. I just can't work out how to pull the disk without a rebuild being needed?
  9. attached is my Diag file.
  10. Hi Guys, I have a backup of my Boot USB. when i went and rebooted installing Nvidia Plugin my VM's disappeared. I can still see the Image files in the VM Folder but the Menu UI is gone. Which files do i copy from my backup to restore them. This is what my screen has, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
  11. There is some issues with the moving of files automatically at a percentage it seems since the new Plugin Dev took over. I think it will be fixed in time but he's only been ironing out the problems for about a week. In the mean time go into settings section and click this down the bottom right. For now you will need to do this manually. i do mine every few days. It will trigger the mover to work. Also 6.9.2 came out fixing a few other bugs not related to this issue might want to upgrade.
  12. If it was a Data Drive from the Unraid Array and you left the File System settings as default it would be in XFS format. You would be able to mount this as a device with the unassigned devices plugin. Optionally if you plugged it into a windows machine for example you could install to read the filesystem under windows. The Trial use to let you have unlimited access for 30 days that would be enough time to copy the files off. You can Verify the Drive with Auto Repair and see if you can read it at that point.
  13. Said completed without error, i can't see any updates in the attached Smart but seems to be unchanged.
  14. I have only been upgraded to 6.9.2 for 10 days and noticed 2 Reported uncorrect errors on a drive. I did hear that the jump from 6.8.x to 6.9 did start showing up some new errors for people that i guess the old kernel didn't see. I am not seeing them increment at this stage and no CRC errors to match as per attached. do i just ignore the message unless it starts incrementing. I am running a smart at the moment on the drive. It's not a new drive and its before there was red drives, considering i've had red drives die that are only 3-4 years old these DM drives have been amazing i have 5 of them and they're all similar age.
  15. There are reports on the plugin page follow here. The plugin device has a big report lodged.
  16. I can press the manual move button for a week that's fine
  17. But since updating the plugin it seems to be completely broken usually, mover moves my items if the cache hits 70% or more. sometimes i hit the manual mover button in the Main page. But i noticed it didn't do anything when i hit the manual Move button. Then my cache went over 70% and it did nothing, but the "Original Move Now - Caution moves everything" does work appears to be the only thing that does work for mover. i pressed it after it went to 90%. My cache filled with files within a 12 hour period, but i have age set to no.
  18. i've only seen this with smart testing, where the disk shows spun down but smart is still running. activity can look like this but if you haven't started a smart test then the cause is something else. cache dir's polling, there are 3 disks i can see that don't flash is there something on those disks a share or something like that that they have in common. Then trace from there what is configured not against those disks. Your top left disk never flashes, your second row disk second from the bottom never flashes. What is on those disks that unique share or something that is not configured on those?
  19. if they are spun down thats a nice-looking effect.
  20. I have my Cache pressure of directories on system set to 1. not had an issue with memory running away. Apart from that my settings are the same i have limit the memory available set to 0 which was default. When Plex for example does a scan over my TV Folder when a new show is added it doesn't make the disks spin up because the files are in cache. But when Plex runs its Maintenace daily it always spins the disks up not sure if thats because it's doing more than just looking at files in a scan. It's more a Plex issue than a cache dirs issue.
  21. you should be able to go to tools/ update os and click restore on the right. it rolls it all back you just do that and reboot.
  22. Yes mine are connected to a 9211-8i, but its been rebooted since the error because the tips and tweaks plugin broke my webui and i had to remove it and reboot the system. I haven't had errors yet, but if they appear again ill post them. it was 26 read errors that popped up. I do have two other ST4000VN008 also plugged into an LSI's cards not having problems and 2x ST8000VN004 but those are plugged into the onboard SATA Controller of my motherboard.
  23. when you rollback it appears the cache drive pulls itself from the pool, it's in unassigned you will need to add it back in. Just in case you freak out like me.
  24. i noticed this also when i did a rollback, looks like the cache config is bugged or something it throws it out of the cache pool when you rollback to 6.8.3. scared the crap out of me as well.
  25. one of my drives has been doing this also since 6.9.0 but its a ST4000VN008, only done it twice though. I do have two ST8000VN004 as a parity drive no errors on those.