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  1. Maybe you could use a docker container as a bridge? A quick search comes up with this one already created - https://github.com/cptactionhank/docker-netatalk
  2. I like how unraid is just keeps giving new features! Always adding extra value through extra functions! Very rare for other commercial software to keep adding extra functionality for no extra cost! I'm especially looking forward to multiple cache pools! Can't come soon enough!
  3. I'm also getting this error. Seems to be okay right up until the point of starting a VM and then the log fills up. I have a good half a dozen dockers with static IPs running at the time of starting the VM
  4. Further to this my understanding is that BTRFS in RAID5 is still unstable and its only a matter of time until you have data loss if you use it.
  5. id also like to have this function. My drives vary from 1tb to 8tb.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I've went ahead and set it up. I'll report back in a few weeks with the results incase someone in the future is attempting to do the same
  7. Would this scenario work with this plugin or just cause issues? 1. Map /mnt/user/TV/.Recycle.Bin/ into my Sonarr container 2. Specify the container path as my recycle bin for sonarr Regards,
  8. Hello, Is there anyway to configure krusader to not pre create the folders before the copy operation starts. I just found out that this causes unraid split level function to misbehave or be bypassed, resulting in a drive being completely filled up on a large media copy operation.
  9. So I've just been trying to work out why i get massive CPU spikes and slow writes to my cache. I've just recently added a Samsung drive in BTRFS raid 1 with a WD ssd.....Has there been any progress with this issue? or am I out of luck?
  10. I'm getting much the same. Here is my diag file. I've downgraded back to 6.6.6 for now. blueboxnas-diagnostics-20190123-0858.zip
  11. Does anyone know how to reverse proxy this with the letsencrypt container?
  12. In Australia we have quite good consumer protection laws. The vendor is responsible for the whole duration of any advertised warranty. I have in the past dealt direct with the manufacturer and been instructed to send to overseas addresses for replacement/repair. The cost of freight was not much less then replacement. Cheers, Id forgotten about server layout. I have tried to use it in the past but found that it was buggy. This was quite sometime ago - I'll give it another go
  13. Would it be possible to add a vendor field under the warranty information on the disk settings screen? Reason : Multiple drives of same model purchased from different vendors. Would make processing warranty claims easier on event of drive failure.
  14. i was able to extend my trial twice for i think 15 days before having to purchase a licence
  15. Hi, Had the kernel panic as below after about 30 hours of uptime. System is a Ryzen 5 1600, 8GB ram. Any ideas as to the cause?