Cache drive full ... mover seems to be working?

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I have a strange problem that's just popped up. My cache setup has been working flawlessly for literally years but now is now showing full. I run the mover manually and the used space does not change. I deleted a couple of files recently downloaded to free up enough space to download a test file. I then ran the mover and the newly downloaded file moves fine. The log file shows that the one file just downloaded was moved successfully. Is there an easy way of forcing the removal of data from the cache drive or is there a way to determine what files are "stuck" on the  cache drive?

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Are you really using v5? Been a couple of years since I've seen that one. Do you have any "Use cache:only" user shares? (Does v5 even have that?) Mover will not move hidden folders (folder names starting with .) and it will not move any files not in a folder (at the top level of the cache drive). And some versions of mover will not move files in folders of user shares that are set to "Use cache: No".


Also if you have filesystem corruption that can stop files from being moved. Post a syslog.

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If I recall, ReiserFS disks behave badly when they are full.  Since it sounds like you are on an older version you'd be using ReiserFS.  I'd follow trurl's advice to start cleaning up the cache drive, but unfortunately you can expect uglier than normal behavior if it has somehow filled up.  What other things are on your cache drive, for instance maybe a large Plex library?

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Yeah, running version 5.x. I've looked at the upgrade process to 6 a number of times just haven't had the time that I can dedicate to taking the plunge. Who knows, this could finally be the reason to do so. Just need to keep things running a little while longer to keep the wife happy.


I've run through the configuration and nothing has changed as far as the shares go. All shares are set to use cache. My cache drive is used for plex and SAB and yes, the plex library is getting larger but the cache drive is 200gig. I have no problem ripping through the cache drive and deleting. Sorry for the elementary question but what is the best way of doing that? I view the contents of the drive through Windows and there is very little content.

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You can start in Windows Explorer navigate to \\tower\cache .  Right mouse click on each of the top level directories on the cache drive and click Properties.  Let Windows do its thing until the Size and Size on Disk stops counting up.  How much space is being used?  I find that my relatively small Plex library still uses a lot of "Size on Disk" space (lots of small files and 4k blocks) and I accumulate a lot of crap in the downloads folder that Sab uses.


Also, are you comfortable telneting into your server and using a unix command prompt if needed?

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I thought there was a trick to show what's on the cache drive because when I simply browse to it there is a single folder 20kb. Looking at my shares a little closer I have one that is not on the cache drive for may apps but is set to not use it to avoid the mover.


This is strange and yes, comfortable with telnet.

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To close the loop on this one. The problem was Plex cache consuming the full disk, specifically the transcode folder related to local syncing. I would appear that Plex is not cleaning up the temporary file after it has been transcoded and copied to the agent device.

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