Run vDisk image from array instead of cache pool


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I thought I'd ask before I try ...


Can I run a VM where the vdisk is stored on the array instead of the cache pool in 6.2? I ask because my cache pool is over 70% full due to VM vdisks.


I have several which I only boot into once in awhile and only for a few minutes. So performance is not an issue for these. I also have a couple which serve as my "template" for creating new VM/s. When I need a fresh VM I copy the xml and vdisk image to create a new VM from it rather than using it directly. So performance is definitely not an issue for these as they are only ever booted directly once in while to apply updates which is generally before I create a new VM from a copy of it.


And, if moving the vdisks to the array is fine... can I simply use mc to move the image file and then update the xml to point to its new location?

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