NFS mounts on OS X do not need (insecure) on unRAID

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I read over and over again through the forum and also on the Wiki that in order to mount NFS exports on OS X the insecure option have to be specified in unRAID. That is not true as Mac OS X defaults to using unpriviliged ports for NFS mounts but if the option -P is specified (on the Mac side) it will happily use ports below 1024. Use those guides to "secure" NFS mount folders from unRAID:


Use this guide for Snow Leopard (10.6)


and this for Leopard (10.5)


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5 hours ago, piratx said:

Can you help with that link please?

I am trying to mount NFS share to my mac without any luck.. Thanks in advance


You may now hold the record for oldest thread necro.


I suggest creating a new post in the current general support section with more detail about what you have tried and any errors you are seeing, this thread is not a good place to discuss current issues since virtually everything has changed in 10 years.

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