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Solved issue with unRaid 6.2 and Win10 VM hanging during Anniversary upgrade

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I troubleshooted this and found the solution, so I 'm writing this down in case someone finds it useful.


After upgrading from 6.1.7 to 6.2 I also edited the VM configuration and changed the VNC GFX but also the USB Mode from 2.0 EHCI to 3.0 XHCI.


The VM functioned properly until it auto-updated itself to the Anniversary edition. At this point after restarting it stopped at 35% and completely hanged, while the CPU shows a continues 100% activity.


I changed the CPU to another non-used one for troubleshooting, it stayed again at 100% while Windows Update stayed at Getting Things Ready at 35%.


There was no possibility to safe boot, repair, revert or anything like that.


In the end I edited the config file again and changed USB mode from 3.0 to 2.0. I also changed the Machine Type from i440fx.2.3 to 2.5 (a new option in 6.2? ) as well as the two CDROMs from IDE to SATA. But I am guessing that the USB Mode did the trick.


It is still a bit strange as Win10 booted just fine and operated for a few days without problems with "the new hardware".

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But do you have the update installed or did it restore the original version?


I just had the anniversary edition install and to get it to happen I had to disable all the pass-through devices and remove all the assigned cores and just assign core 0. This worked and then I put everything back.

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Yes I have the anniversary edition now. I could not revert back to any previous version even if I could as the VM was not working (could not get into safe mode and booting from Window's ISO and trying any possible option in troubleshooting was not working).


Yes, I had one VCPU for that during all my tries. It 's also in the official manual when upgrading a host with Win10.


The only setting that seemed to matter, at least in my situation, was to change the USB mode from 3.0 back to 2.0.

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The only setting that seemed to matter, at least in my situation, was to change the USB mode from 3.0 back to 2.0.


There is a known issue with Windows updates and having USB devices plugged in -- not for everyone but some computers will not update if there are USB devices plugged in.


This only impacts one of my computers but as long as I had the wireless keyboard / mouse plugged in the circle would just spin for hours. Eventually I googled it and found other people discussing it. Removed the USB device and update continued immediately. Possibly changing the type of USB has a similar impact.

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