[6.3.x] Minor: Close Icon on Notifications not right?

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Hi - small thing...


The notifications in the top right of the browser used to be a cross to close (if you've got them turned on and positioned there).  Since the upgrade, it now shows as a forward arrow (suggesting it'll take me to a new page).


Is this intentional?  Have tried CTRL+F5 in case the style sheet and icon graphics have refreshed.


(I've a parity check running, I can post a screenshot when it's finished)

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On 3/4/2017 at 3:24 AM, bonienl said:

It is by design and signifies that notifications are moved to the archive.



Didn't it used to be an 'X'?  Maybe we should change back to that for consistency sake?

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Used to be an X, yes.  AFAIK it changed in 6.3.  Since it's closing a notification I'd logically have figured it would be an X.  I've used the icon you're using on some web applications to either take the user to a new location, or advance an item onto its next status.


I do like the new "close all notifications" link though, since overnight my docker container can fluctuate, generating lots of docker size notifications.

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1 hour ago, limetech said:


Didn't it used to be an 'X'?  Maybe we should change back to that for consistency sake?


I thought the 'arrow' is an appropriate way to signal that notifications are moved and not deleted, but if the general feeling is that this is confusing I can make it a 'X' again.


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