Faulty disk?

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You've had write failures to parity 2 and disk 1, so unRaid has disabled the disks.  


All the files are showing because unRaid is doing what it's supposed to do:  emulating the contents of disk 1, and the surviving parity disk is still protecting the array.


You should post your diagnostics before you reboot so that the community can see what led up to the dual failure, and advise on a course of action.

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35 minutes ago, sk32md said:

Sorry! Was I supposed to put that in a text file?



No, you are supposed to go to Tools -> Diagnostics and post the zip, preferably after the problem but before rebooting, looks like you rebooted, but post them anyway so we can at least check the SMART reports.

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Like I said before since you rebooted we can see what happened, but SMART for both disks is OK and since they are both on a SAS2LP it could have been the typical SAS2LP issue.


You can rebuild disk1 and sync parity at the same time using the existing disks, if there are issues again be sure to grab the diags before rebooting.


PS. You're still on v6.2, you should update to latest release.


PS2. Disk1 has a lot of UDMA_CRC errors:


199 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count    0x003e   200   001   000    Old_age   Always       -       11330

These may be old and unrelated but if this value continues to increase you need to replace that SATA cable.

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8 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

since they are both on a SAS2LP it could have been the typical SAS2LP issue.


My hunch was correct, it's the SAS2LP crashing.


These sometimes help:


-disable vt-d if you don't need it

-check for a board bios update

-use the controller in another slot (you should change it in this case anyway as it's in the x4 slot that shares the DMI with all other disks, I think you have an empty x8 CPU slot, it should be there for best performance)


If none of the above helps consider getting an LSI controller.

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Looks like the bios is up to date. I made the change over in slots, (My mistake I was thinking it was like my z97 board that does x8x4x4 in 3.0). I had also noticed the white sata ports on my board were improperly installed on the 3.0 slots instead of the 2.0 so I only put a 1tb drive on one of the 2.0 ports and used the 3.0 ports for the cache drives. I then installed all of the data drives, except the 1tb, on the SAS2LP card as it was rock solid reliable until i added a couple new drives last month and rewired for asthetics. It is now copying over @ 85mbps with no errors so far............

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