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First time unRAID builder. This is for a home use NAS designed for a couple of simultaneous Plex transcodes, plus storage duty in an occasional photo/video editing environment. Some of the choices are influence by what I've been able to find used online.

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 V4 CPU QS
MB:    X10SRL-F
RAM: Samsung DDR4 16G ECC 2400 RDIMM (1 stick)
HBA: Dell H310
PS:    Corsair AX650
Boot: Kingston DataTraveler 8GB
10gbe:  Chelsio T520-CR (x2, one each on NAS and workstation, direct connection)
HDs: WD Red 3TB x 3, 4TB x 2 (what I have on hand, enough to start with)

Before I order the parts, have I missed anything? Do I need also need a cheap video card to install unRAID? Thanks!

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Many of them are just fine... but there are enough issues with them that you should know what you are getting into.  Also, for a 4 core Hyper-threaded CPU @ ~10,000 Passmarks, you have a number of options, including both E5 and E3.

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