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Disk in error state (disk dsbl)


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Hello all,


I just recently ran into an issue in my UnRAID setup in which one of my disks randomly became disabled. I believe it was during the process of me cleaning my server and possibly knocking the SATA cable loose. After shutting down and checking/fixing the SATA cable, the disk was available to add to the array, but still remains disabled.


I have completed a SMART report on the drive and have uploaded it here. While the UnRAID GUI reports that it completed without error, I just feel more comfortable posting it here for someone to take a look at. I believe that this is simply just an issue due to a loose SATA cable, but I just wanted to be safe and have the SMART report reviewed in case there is any potential that the drive is failing.


If the drive is okay, I believe I will still have to rebuild the drive due to a potential write failure to the drive, hence why the drive became disabled. If so, what are the available options to do such a process? I read in a previous post that it's as simple as:


Stop the array

Set the disk to be not installed

Start the array

Stop the array

Set the disk to be the appropriate disk

Start the array


I appreciate any assistance I can get, and I would much rather be safe than sorry. Thank you in advance!


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