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Parity thinks it is bad


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I needed to rebuild a disk and while I was at it I decided to clean up my thumb drive. This was a mistake because when it came up I had lost all my dockers and a bunch of other settings. I let it rebuild anyway.


Now that the rebuild finished this morning I powered down and copied the contents of the thumb drive to my pc as a backup. Erased the thumb drive and copied over an older backup from before the rebuild. Now unraid thinks disk4 is still bad (missing actually because it is, and replaced with a new one) and parity says "ALL DATA ON THIS DISK WILL BE ERASED WHEN ARRAY IS STARTED"


What is the best way to tell unpaid that the parity is good and what is on the new disk4 is good? Is there a file I can copy over from this afternoons backup to my thumb drive? Should I instead copy this afternoons backup back to the thumb drive and then try to grab files from my older backup so that my settings, go file, and dockers are back like I expect?

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go to this WIKI:


Under "The procedure': 

          Read and do step 11

Then go back to the 'Main' page and make sure that all of the disks are correctly assigned.

         Read and do step 16

And you should have everything back to the 'new' setup.


Once again, the old, old caution about making only one-change-at-time bares repeating. 

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