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unpaid 6.3.3- TimeMachine backup


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Hello Guys,


I recently started using a unraid share to do my mac backups via Time Machine. It works fine when I mount the sparsebundle but after a restart when I go to Time Machine and try to initiate a backup, I get a prompt for a username and password. I do not have any username/password set on the unraid computer other than the default "root" account that is built in. I try to put that in but for some reason it doesn't like it. Please advise what do I need to do to sort this out. I have attached a screenshot.



Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.20.27 pm.png

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I've never used smb for TM shares so this is just a guess, but I'd try setting up a user account for yourself on unRAID, change Security to Private and then use the user/password credentials on your Mac.


Another option would be to try AFP instead. Using AFP would also allow you to limit the size of the share if you want.

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tried both those options but no go. This time I get a different error. I have attached the screenshot. What I think the issue is that the mac is not able to associate the name of server "UNRAID" to its ip address, could that be the issue?

Is there an equivalent of windows hosts file that I can play with?

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.28.50 am.png

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Is the actual name of your server "UNRAID"? You need to use the actual name.

If you use the default and did not change the name it should be "Tower".

Does it show up in a finder window?

Also I would not use the Cache drive for TimeMachine, since it should write directly to the Time Machine share.

Also as mentioned you may need to use AFP.

You can connect to your server if it is not showing up in the finder by IP address by going to the Finder Menu > GO > Connect to Server. Or you can use command+k from the finder then enter tine address like this:


Replace the XX with the server IP and the rest of the 192 etc if yours is different.


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