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  1. I am running on poweredge t430 with 2 x E5-2630 v3, 80gb ram. encryption is enabled. The real use case of this would be to run a vsphere datastore so not massive files being written all the time. controller is perc h330. this is output of command root@UnRAID:~# zpool get all NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE citadel size 14.5T - citadel capacity 40% - citadel altroot - default citadel health ONLINE - citadel guid 14517773413838527564 - citadel version - default citadel bootfs - default citadel delegation on default citadel autoreplace off default citadel cachefile - default citadel failmode wait default citadel listsnapshots off default citadel autoexpand off default citadel dedupratio 1.00x - citadel free 8.64T - citadel allocated 5.91T - citadel readonly off - citadel ashift 0 default citadel comment - default citadel expandsize - - citadel freeing 0 - citadel fragmentation 2% - citadel leaked 0 - citadel multihost off default citadel checkpoint - - citadel load_guid 9965434910978594573 - citadel autotrim off default citadel compatibility off default citadel feature@async_destroy enabled local citadel feature@empty_bpobj active local citadel feature@lz4_compress active local citadel feature@multi_vdev_crash_dump enabled local citadel feature@spacemap_histogram active local citadel feature@enabled_txg active local citadel feature@hole_birth active local citadel feature@extensible_dataset active local citadel feature@embedded_data active local citadel feature@bookmarks enabled local citadel feature@filesystem_limits enabled local citadel feature@large_blocks enabled local citadel feature@large_dnode enabled local citadel feature@sha512 enabled local citadel feature@skein enabled local citadel feature@edonr enabled local citadel feature@userobj_accounting active local citadel feature@encryption enabled local citadel feature@project_quota active local citadel feature@device_removal enabled local citadel feature@obsolete_counts enabled local citadel feature@zpool_checkpoint enabled local citadel feature@spacemap_v2 active local citadel feature@allocation_classes enabled local citadel feature@resilver_defer enabled local citadel feature@bookmark_v2 enabled local citadel feature@redaction_bookmarks enabled local citadel feature@redacted_datasets enabled local citadel feature@bookmark_written enabled local citadel feature@log_spacemap active local citadel feature@livelist enabled local citadel feature@device_rebuild enabled local citadel feature@zstd_compress enabled local citadel feature@draid disabled local
  2. for this test, I tried a 7gb ISO file.
  3. I have 4 x 4tb ironwolf drives in raidz0. my upload speed to the share is max 25 MB/s and download is max 130 MB/s over a 10gb link. I have checked with iperf that I can saturate the link from unraid and towards unraid. can someone please suggest what I can do to isolate the issue? Thanks
  4. I am getting "cannot destroy: dataset is busy" when I run the command zfs destroy dataset -r, does anyone know why this happens? I have tried zfs unmount but that doesnt work. reboot didnt help either
  5. ok so I followed that and this is below is what my share looks like. I can mount the nfs share from the networks listed in there but I can not place any files in it. what did I miss? root@UnRAID:~# zfs get sharenfs citadel/vsphere NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE citadel/vsphere sharenfs rw=@,rw=@,fsid=1,anongid=100,anonuid=99,all_squash local
  6. How can I share zfs dataset via nfs? TIA
  7. I have a poweredge T430 with idrac basic license. under fan control, I dont see the configure button. what did I miss? Edit: NM, I read this is for supermicro and asrock only
  8. is there a way to use a share with this plugin or does it allow unassigned devices only? I am using zfs plugin and would like to use a zfs share. Thanks
  9. I am going to enable syslog server. Just curious, does the logs I attached not have the relevant information? Because I generated diagnostics within 5 minutes of the crash.
  10. Hi Guys, I lose the GUI intermittently and a reboot sorts it out. containers are unavailable too but I can access terminal. I have generated diagnostics and I can see shares in the syslog.txt that do not exists. Some of them have been deleted years ago but I still see them here. I have attached the diagnostics, can someone please have a look at what is going on? shares that dont exist are in the screenshot unraid-diagnostics-20210911-1821.zip
  11. I installed zfs and I can see my shares that I set up in smb-extra.conf. I have a requirement for a nfs share and a timemachine share. how do I set those up? Thanks p.s - where can I see all the options available in the smb-extra.conf. I would like to do the equivalent of unraid's Export = No option and allow authenticated users on some of them
  12. spaceinvader one's video brought me here. I installed ZFS and ZFS companion plugin and my GUI wont come up. I boot in safe mode and GUI shows up. I remove both the plugins and the system boots normally. Are there any logs that I can go through to see what is causing this? edit: reinstalled and rebooted. no issues this time.
  13. Thank you. it turned out to be just that. the good folks at discord helped me sort it out. I removed the plugin and it booted normally. license has been upgraded. Any idea when the upgraded plugin will be released?
  14. Hey guys, I shutdown my poweredge T430 to add a new disk. When I rebooted, I can’t get to the gui. It gets the ip and I can ping unraid and unraid can ping the network. I tried booting with gui but firefox does not connect to the localhost. I don’t know what to look for next. Please help me troubleshoot unraid-diagnostics-20210905-1216.zip unraid-diagnostics-20210905-1216.zip
  15. its not on the list but iscsi would be nice to have