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  1. Hello Guys, I have installed a quad port ethernet pcie adapter in my unraid. I can see all the 4 ports in the network settings, but when I enable any bonding, I get the message "device bond1 does not exist" on the boot screen. With bonding disabled, all 4 ports get an ip address and work fine but with bonding enabled, the lights on the switch go off. I have a managed switch and have tried with both LACP on and LACP off. I have tried the usb in a different port, also tried deleting all entries from the network.cfg file. Please helpunraid-diagnostics-20190319-1236.zip
  2. Hello Guys, I want to use the storage on my unraid with my esxi6.5 lab since the lab does not have any available slots. I have a gigabit wired connection from the esxi host to unraid but I feel that the speed is not good enough. I want to use a quad port ethernet adapter in my unraid nas so I can use all the 4 ports on the esxi host to connect to unraid. The ethernet card I am looking at is Dell YT674, seller says it works fine in windows pc after they install the drivers from dell. But how will I install the drivers on unraid? or should it be plug and play when inserted into unraid? thanks
  3. Hello Guys, I am trying to run esxi6.7 as a VM on unraid6.6. I have done a CPU host passthrough and assigned it all 4 threads of my i3-6100. When I get to the installation, I get the error <HARDWARE_VIRTUALIZATION WARNING: Hardware Virtualization is not a feature of the CPU or is not enabled in the BIOS>. I have checked the BIOS and it is enabled. I have attached the screenshot of the error. Any help is appreciated
  4. Thank you for the video and I get about 90MB/sec at times and as low as 3-4 MB/sec at other times. Yet to figure out why it varies so much.
  5. Hello guys, like the title says my cpu hits 100% usage on 3 cores when I do a file upload or download. Is this normal? I have a i3 6100 cpu. Thanks
  6. Thank you, that worked. Can you tell me what log did you look at please?
  7. Hello People, VM manager has not worked for me for a long time now and now that I need to run a VM, I want to get it started. I have given the libvirt storage location as `/mnt/cache/system/libvirt/libvirt.img` but I can not start VM services. I have also tried changing the location of libvirt but still no go. Please help me troubleshoot unraid-diagnostics-20190115-1149.zip
  8. sorry I am digging up an old thread but I have run into the same issue. I have given the libvirt storage location as `/mnt/cache/system/libvirt/libvirt.img` but I can not start VM services. Please help .....
  9. update - I got the video running but I am getting some real bad stutter on any videos I play. Even youtube stutters bad. What could be causing that? I am running a i3-6100 and 2 cores assigned to windows10 VM with 4 gb memory assigned. The video card I have is 1gb version of GT 710. Thanks
  10. I was able to get the network running. Also I do have HVM and IOMMU enabled. I am able to passthrough the GT 710 fine (I think!!!), but in device manager I see a yellow triangle(screenshot attached) and code 43 and I do not see any video output. LibreElec however works fine and displays video. I have tried installing drivers multiple times in windows10 but no go. Please help!!!
  11. Hey mate, can you please elaborate on how you fixed it. What exactly did you have to do? I am having the same issue. Thanks