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Is it at all possible? Might seem something people might struggle to understand reasoning (losing a SATA port instead of a USB port) but if you want to pass entire USB controllers through to a VM you might want the USB controller that your unRAID USB stick sits on.


So thats the reason for asking if it can be done? Is it a case of putting files on a HDD or some vooodoo needed?

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Yes, it can be done and has been done many years ago, ever since the unRAID 4.x days. I did it and was even the first to have unRAID running in 64bit Slackware. It's no longer worth the hassle. The various instructions are in the wiki, but the details will need some dusting off and updating. 


As stated, you will always need the USB drive for licensing. 

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Yeah, I'd echo what BRiT says, I run it off a virtual HDD for a VM. But still need USB for license and the space it requires isn't worth dedicating a drive to. My virtual disk is 512MB....

The whole OS gets loaded to RAM at boot anyway.

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