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trace calls found


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You could try limiting the memory available to your containers to say 4G (add this to all of them).  Also, don't have Plex transcode to RAM.  Plex is my guess, but realistically you have to figure out what was going on at the time of the OOM errors.  All containers will use whatever is available to them.  Things like D/L clients will use all available RAM if they can when unpacking, and if something else needed the memory at the same time, then you're SOL.  


That, and you could always upgrade your RAM



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6 minutes ago, jonnypajamas said:

i have plex set to transcode to an unassigned ssd.  My subsonic failed on me, it may have been that which was throwing errors.

Its a play thing.  All we know is that whatever app is running that uses Java triggered the error.  But, it may not have actually been the guilty party.  It could be something else.  (Guilty by association?)

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