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MinimServer docker problem

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On 1/14/2018 at 5:17 PM, EdgarWallace said:

@steve1977 have you checked the "Show Log" in MinimWatch which is available to control MinimServer? You have to accept  Terms & Condition, otherwise MinimServer doesn't start.

I'd really love to get this working, but still struggle I installed MinimWatch on windows. Tray icon stays grey though. Any thoughts? Where to accept the T&C?

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I'm no expert, but I do have Minimserver running. It might help if I share my settings.


From the docker template for my Minimserver docker: the repository I'm using  is nielsdb97/docker-minimserver, network type is Host and I have two container ports: 9790 and 9791. For the container path /media I have /mnt/user/Music/.


You need to have the docker started and running so that Minimwatch on Windows can connect to (and configure) Minimserver. My recollection is that the T&C acceptance is done from Minimwatch. Right-click on the Minimwatch icon and perhaps under Properties or About there's a T&C acceptance option. (It's no longer there once everything is up and running.) Unfortunately I can't recall exactly what happened at the start.


According to the Minimserver documentation, if your Minimwatch icon is grey, it means it's not connected to Minimserver. I think you need to 1. get the docker started; 2. launch Minimwatch on your Windows machine (it should search for, find, and connect to the Minimserver docker automatically) and then 3. accept the T&C via Minimwatch.

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