enhancement - docker access mode for unassigned devices


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When editing docker volumes in advanced mode, our "access mode" setting includes six options:

  • Read Write (private)
  • Read Write shared
  • Read write slave
  • Read Only (private)
  • Read Only shared
  • Read Only slave


I believe that all six are valid for host paths that are on the array or cache drive, but only the shared/slave bind propagation options are valid for unassigned devices.


Can we add smarts to the webgui to handle this?

  • In advanced editing mode - if the selected host path is under /mnt/disks/ (i.e. an unassigned device) the "private" options should be suppressed.  
  • In basic editing mode - since the settings are not visible, if the selected host path is under /mnt/disks/ it should automatically use "slave" (or "shared"?) 


This will eliminate problems related to docker not being able to access files on unassigned devices.

In terms of documentation, this page describes how to mount volumes:
and descriptions of private/slave/shared are here:


Interestingly, it seems like "shared" might be the most flexible mode of all.  I wonder if it should be the default everywhere?

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